Taken to New Levels

Seems like it's not only the army that gets its fair share of 'Walts'. Good to see someone in uniform had the balls to name the fuckwit as:
described the man as a Walter Mitty-type character

Fake officer a 'wake-up call' for police - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Senior police in Perth have revealed a man impersonating a police officer gained access to high-security facilities on nine separate occasions.
Police Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan says it has been a wake-up call for the force.
He says it will be alleged the 18-year-old man was wearing a stolen police uniform when he entered the Perth Watch House six times, crime headquarters at Curtin House twice, and police headquarters once during May.
The man showed up at the lock-up with a full police utility belt, complete with handcuffs, police issue baton and holster.
Mr O'Callaghan says he cannot remember such a breach of security before.
"I can't remember anyone getting through security at Perth Watch House," he said.
"It's a very, very rare occurrence and we believe it could not have occurred without assistance from a third party."
Police say a 25-year-old man who works as a custody officer has been stood down.
A third person is also under investigation.
Police says the man who posed as an officer does not have links to organised crime.
Mr O'Callaghan says there are police officers constantly coming and going from the watch house which is why the imposter could have been overlooked.
"We don't know what his state of mind is and I can't speculate on that and I can't speculate on what could have occurred," he said.
"It's not an act of terrorism; what we have is a person who has got into a police facility and has done nothing but sat around in that facility."
Other senior police have described the man as a Walter Mitty-type character with a fascination for being in the police force.
Premier Colin Barnett has described the incidents as a major breach of security.
"What happened in terms of someone basically tricking their way into the watch house is embarrassing for the police, it's embarrassing for the State Government," he said.
Mr Barnett says while the incidents are embarrassing the public should have full confidence in WA police.
The State Opposition disagrees and has called for an independent inquiry.
Labor's police spokeswoman, Michelle Roberts, has reiterated her calls for the Corruption and Crime Commission to investigate.
"The only way to properly restore public confidence is to have that external oversight because without that I don't think people will be sure," she said.
Mr O'Callaghan says security is being reviewed and there is a need for more vigilance from officers.
The man has been charged with burglary, stealing, trespass and 10 counts of impersonating a police officer.
He is due to appear in the Perth Magistrates Court on June 20.


If they caught him at the watch house at least they wouldn't have to take him far. Bit like being run over by an ambulance.

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