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Taken the plunge!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by derder, Apr 9, 2008.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I've been perusing these forums for awhile now, getting little tidbits of info about joining up and the like. Well I just thought I'd finally put my tuppence in and let you know that I've had my little career chat with my local ca and I'm off to do my barb test on fri 11th!
    I'm looking to join as a light gunner but waiting to see the results of my barb first to see what other jobs it throws up. Hopefully all goes well (bit nervous) and I get to the next stage. (The dreaded medical form I believe lol)

    Cheers guys
  2. Good Luck mate!

    Done mine Monday........
  3. Cheers viper,

    I'm pretty excited about it to be honest!
    Can't wait to get in (fingers crossed all goes well), wanted to do this for years!
  4. me too, 25 now so took a while to get outta the blocks but running on now!
  5. Good luck fella! Make sure you chase the recruiting office up like a foxhound on the scent after posting your med forms, as I posted mine in md February, and I have my interview booked on Friday, which is a hell of a long time.

    Edited for mong grammar and spelling.
  6. Cor wish I was 25 again. I'm 28, I know I've left it quite late but really determined to do it, so hopefully I can keep up with the young-uns lol!
  7. Cheers duckiciao, will do. Usually I'm crap at stuff like that but since I started the process of joining I've really disciplined myself to get on and do things as soon as. Wan't to get in soon as.
  8. Don't worry fellas. I'm an old fogey joining as well. Just grin and bear it. :D

    I'm off on the 21st this month, can't wait. Just a bit over a week to go. :D
  9. Yippeee us oldies together!
  10. oldies? what you lot talking about! your only in your 20's for christ sake! I'm 29 btw and run rings around the so-called young'uns, most of em are heavy smokers and drinkers and can't run for shite so it's up to us 'oldies' to join as the 'young'uns' are too busy getting pregnant and getting pissed-up.

    Anyway, good luck!
  11. High Five!
  12. Ditto to the getting old and signing up!

    28 here...
  13. Im another oldy, im 29 and have been defered untill aug which will be a few weeks from my 30th, so i guess i could be the dad of the :D
  14. Im another oldy, im 29 and have been defered untill aug which will be a few weeks from my 30th, so i guess i could be the dad of the :D
  15. I dread the nickname "gramps". :x

    The CA told me us older blokes quite often have much better endurance than the younger ones. When I asked how exactly that worked he said something about older blokes being better at finding a pace and sticking to it.

    I still have my doubts. :?