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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by humphries, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. Alright Fellas! Well I got sworn in yesterday by takin the oath of allegiance! So its just a case of waiting till the 25th of sept, when am off to lichfield! How long ago was it when they stopped giving out a shilling when you signed up?
  2. I still got mine in 1979 when I signed to the colours from home service. You got an allowance as well for overnight travel from Belfast to Liverpool, as well as your travel warrant. The allowance was about a tenner I think so you got £10 and a separate shilling.
  3. struggling to remember exactly but seem to remember getting something (1986)
  4. I think all you get now is the rail warrant from home address to training regiment.

    When I was taking recruits through training (late 1990's) it was obvious that some of them had been told to expect some money on arriving but they had all been lied to. There was no golden hello,.....so chinny up fellas.
  5. knowing trg regt staff YOU probably kept the cash yourselves 8O 8O 8O 8O
  6. You didn't go direct to Trg Regt when I joined up. You went to St George's Bcks in Sutton Coalfield where you did a week of 'selection' - exams, PT, interviews and at the end of it you were offered a selection of jobs based on how you had done.

    There were four sheets of A4 paper with the jobs on them and the most suitable got all four - the least suitable only got the last sheet and all it had on it was:

    Parachute Regiment
    Brigade of Guards
    Royal Artillery (selected positions)
    Pioneer Corps

    As it was the years of high unemployment in the UK I saw guys scrabbling to get into the Pioneer Corps because all the grunt places went fast.
  7. i went to edinburgh for 3 days selection process.
  8. I got a days pay when I joined up, the princely sum of £25! When did they stop that then?
  9. If I remember it correctly, I got a days pay as well ('76) I think that was about a shilling as well. Ooops not then, it would've been 5 New pennies. :lol:
  10. Welcome to the Family. :D

    Shilling? God knows.

    Good luck with your training. Keep yer mouth shut, Ears open, whatever you do dont let the bastids grind you down.
  11. Are you coming to bassingbourn humphries?

    I have a junior intake starting on the 25th september. And i would do exacrly as fat badge recommends!!!

    And fatbadge, surely you can't think we are all bastids 8O
  12. I'll see you at there humphries!
    I also start basic on the 25th. I’ve got my oath tomorrow.
    You looking forward to it?
    What career you going for?
  13. have you decided on a trade yet :?: :?: :?: :?:
  14. I have chosen Surveyor Engineering. Can't wait to get started now! What job you going for ben?
  15. Going for chippy. (sorry knocker not sparky!)

    Surveyor Engineering you most be one of the clever ones then!