taken on strength ?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bampot, May 27, 2006.

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  1. recently left the t.a. got bored,signed up again,been there about six months ,got my trade back,got my original corps cap badge back,waiting for my rank . keep getting some bollocks about(not taken on strength).can somebody enlighten me on the timescale it takes ? :x
  2. Are you on the pay sheet? The FORGE one that is completed on drill nights/weekends? Are you getting paid?

    If so, then you've been Taken On Strength.

    It can take some time from rejoining to being taken on strength, as Glasgow have to go and find your original paperwork, if only to make sure that the reasons you've given for leaving, are the same as theirs for letting you leave.

    Glasgow also have to make sure that you have in fact left. Had one soldier who joined one sub-unit, decided it wasn't for him, and so didn't bother showing up. He then applied to join us, not realising he had never actually left!
  3. thank's for the reply-as to the signing in sheet -no ,i am still signing in using the additional trg day sheets
    when i brought up the subject .i get the usual blank look .getting a tad frustrated with the 'jack attitude'.
  4. In that case, speak directly to your AGC person/PSAO and ask them if they know where the holdup is. There might be something that you can do to help speed the process up, if they're waiting on references or something along those lines.

    Six months does sound too long, unless you're very special. Irish connections etc, or or your particular CEQ requires more checking on enlistment.

    One word of advice - keep a seperate record of your training sheets (or take a copy). This way, when you do get paid, you can make sure that nothing gets missed. This could be important at bounty time.
  5. Silly question here (maybe), but have you signed all the paperwork for re-enlistment yet? Normal course of events would be that you sign all the attestation paperwork, your unit should then send it up to Glasgow, they will then send back a letter that advises your unit to Take your on Strength (TOS) - this is basically where your details are Part Two Ordered onto UNICOM and your record created. FORGE can sometimes take upto a month to catch up with this; which means that until it does your name will not appear on the pre-printed Attendance Registers - but if your unit are clever they will have some blank ones that you can fill out in the interim. Sadly, until you appear on FORGE you cannot get paid - althoug there is a way round this if your unit are prepared to load your attendances straight onto UNICOM. Hope this helps. Gladys