taken from the book the devils carnival


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Wednesday 28th. it was decided to regain control of Neuve Chapelle..... the attack contained French Chasseurs the 2nd batn. of the ROYAL SCOTS 47TH Sikhs with the 9th, 20th. 21st Companies of sappers and miners from Lahore.

There was no proper coordination between the troops or differing nationalities... the Attack was a shambles. the only redeeming feature was that the 47th. Sikhs and the Sappers and Miners exhibited outstanding bravery and were the only troops to penetrate the village.. where they fought the whole day unsupported, less than half the sappers survived .

Then a foot note.

66.Sir John French abhorred the idea of using highly skilled sappers and Engineers as storm troopers. He issued orders forbidding the practice as these men were too valuable to be lost doing a job that belonged to the infantry .

which was nice .

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