Takeaways that deliver to Training Areas

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Badgertastic, Sep 2, 2010.

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  1. Off to Sennybridge for annual camp soon, does anyone know of any decent takeaways in the surrounding area that deliver to the training area? I've had a look on Google but, fairly unsurprisingly, most takeaways in Powys don't advertise whether or not they deliver to grid squares... so if anyone's got any suggestions it'll save me ringing round a few when I'm out there only to get fcuked off by all of them.

    Of course, if I just get the standard NAAFI tirade of abuse I'll have to do it the hard way anyway :hungry:
  2. Powys Pizza on 08452 60 44 60.
  3. The chicken and chips place in brecon, can't remember the name. Will deliver to any of the main road junctions on sennybridge - current info as of start of the summer.
  4. Thanks Shimna - is that road junctions on the area itself, or just the gates?

    I'll have a look for the number - hopefully street view will be of use even if Google itself isn't...
  5. Here you go bellend, stick this in your bergen and take it away with you.

  6. F^%$ing superb.
  7. This place is excellent. The 12" Meat Feast is more than enough for one man (or lady).
  8. No on the training area - Dixies being the preferred option.
  9. What is that bivvy area on the north of SPTA, with the curry house just down the road? Green somethings?
  10. But for your average STAB it will be a mere starter.
  11. The pizza place in Brecon delivers to Dixies
  12. I bet they will really enjoy getting that hot meaty treat into their mouths. If they are upset there is not enough I am sure they can ring up and ask for more - these pizza guys never fail to deliver a hot load.
  13. The Toran near Salisbury delivers to the Plain.
  14. Any for Otterburn?
  15. I heard there's a good pub called "The Drovers' Arms". Maybe they could help?