Takeaway targeted by mob

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Afghan_Kandak, Aug 1, 2011.

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  1. A TERRIFIED Kurdish family were forced to barricade themselves inside a kebab shop as a mob allegedly shouted racist abuse outside.

    One person threw a glass into the Istanbul Kebab shop in Exeter Street as violence spread from a nearby pub yesterday afternoon.

    Istanbul Kebab

    The family said the glass, which smashed on a counter, could have hit a baby in a car seat in the shop.

    Four or five members of the family say they had to push against their shop door to stop a similar number of people, including women, forcing their way in.

    One woman family member, who did not want to be identified, said: "I was extremely frightened. They grabbed my mother's arm and tried to pull her out of the door."

    The family said the group, thought to have been in the nearby Wild Coyote pub, were shouting 'EDL, EDL' and vile racist abuse.

    The far-right English Defence League (EDL) set off from the same pub for a march through the city centre three weeks ago.

    Police were last night questioning four men from Plymouth aged 27, 28, 33 and 43, arrested at the scene – two on suspicion of affray, one for threatening behaviour and one for suspected criminal damage.

    About 20 officers, with dogs and some equipped with Tasers, responded to calls from passing motorists. The family said that they had been subjected to racist abuse for most of the afternoon.

    The woman said that the incident came to a head when a group of four or five people came to the entrance of the shop and began chanting. She added that someone threw a glass which smashed on the counter, sending fragments over nearby food.

    The woman estimated that food worth about £1,000 would have to be thrown away. The takeaway was forced to close.

    Insp Robin Loveridge said: "A couple of passing motorists reported disorder coming from the Wild Coyote pub. As officers arrived, it escalated and we have made four arrests.

    "We are treating this as a serious public disorder. We have made house to house enquiries and are looking at CCTV, hoping to identify as many witnesses as we can."

    He said dogs and a Taser were deployed, though the device was not used, to gain control. Insp Loveridge said staff voluntarily closed the pub after the incident.

    This is Plymouth | Takeaway targeted by mob
  2. They give dogs Tasers??
  3. And the point of this post is what exactly?
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    "Food worth £1,000 would have to be thrown away". Good grief, that's an astonishing amount of kebab meat and chili sauce.

    And the police dogs with Tasers - that must be something like sharks with frikkin' laser beams on their heads, I suppose.
  5. This is obvious - It's AK; the point of all of his posts are pretty much all the same.

    All his posts are pretty much bollocks with the limited exception.
  6. Zionist conspiracy!
  7. Distatseful though it is, At a similar scene (civil disturbance, not an EDL march, whatever) in Afghanistan, kids would have been mutilated, women stoned, gays hanged and foreigners decapitated.

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  8. £1,000 of food wasted, because a glass was thrown and smashed on the counter? I've been in plenty of kebab shops and all the food is either underneath the counter or in those metal heated bin things which are covered by lids. Unless this kebab shop has all the food lying out in the open and uses only the finest rare meats, vegetables and breads from around the world I'd say about £5 would end up being wasted. I smell shite.
  9. AK was pointing out that if you're racist scum the cops will come and nick you. Well done to the boys in blue, yah boo sucks to the racists. Thanks for this AK, one of the best posts you've ever made you dribbling mong.
  10. £1000, blimey abbatoirs must be raking it in for all those lips and arseholes they use to make the elephants leg
  11. The best thing I ever did was to put AK on my ignore list.
    I dont even know what you lot are on about.....bliss.
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  12. Same here.
  13. Not really. Everything in the food preparation area would have to be discarded in case shards of glass had adhered to/entered/landed among it. A kebab joint in the centre of Plymouth would probably shift about 500 units in a night, it was late on so say they had enough material to make 250 kebabs at £4 each, there's your £1000.

    Replacement cost would have probably been about £200.
  14. Depends on wether they were padding out the meat with teenage girl or not.

    Missing girl's body 'put into kebab' - Telegraph
  15. Yeah a lot of kebab shops have that unfortunate side effect.