Take your medals off before you walk in this mess.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by screeminjesus, Jan 13, 2013.

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  1. On remembrance day are you supposed to take your medals off in the senior ranks mess?
    I was in the reme TA for ten years and during that time I undertook a C type engagement to Bosnia, attached to 2 RLC in the summer of 97. When I came back to my unit I would wear my medal on remembrance day and drink in the Junior ranks mess without any problem. However when I got to full screw I was invited up to the senior ranks mess with the other corporals but was told I had to take my medal off. I wasn't very happy but at the end of the day I just thought it was because the majority if them didn't have any medals (ie misserable gits). I've been out for a long time now and almost all the guys in my unit have been to Iraq or Afganistan so lots more medals. However I've just found out they're still expected to take them off before going in to the mess. So tell me guys is this S.O.P. for all messes??
  2. Yes, remove along with scabbards/crossbelts etc.
  3. It's to stop you dribbling beer down your medals!.
  4. Cold War Warrior Medals only.
  5. Its Mess etiquette (Sgts & Offrs): no "leather and medals" in the Mess. Not sure why you should regard it as a slight?

    If you're in SD then you're ribbons will be on display anyway, if that's what gives you kicks!?

    Anyway, its Remembrance Day not "Lets all ponce about comparing gongs Day".
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  6. Yes, you are supposed to....:)....
  7. Years and years ago, in Crab (RAF) Messes, we kept 'em on for the first drink ( a toast ? ) Then put them into a pocket for safe keeping..

  8. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    I was Offrs' Mess. It was normal to remove leather and medals (and hats, gloves, swords obviously) on entering the Mess. In recent years, I've noticed a tendency for medals to stay on, which strikes me as odd.
  9. So you wear your medal in combats?

    Drown yourself in a toilet bowl you embarrassing cunt.
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  10. As BL says we took them off on entering the mess.
  11. FOC

    Wasnt all that unusual in the 80s though. Lots of slick chests about and IIRC it was mostly the 30Sigs blokes who had more than one or two.

    Even the LSGC took 18 years to get so not a lot of them around either.
  12. It's like anywhere in the corps though. I your at the right place t the right time you laughing. Otherwise unlucky really. With the exception of a certain staffy now (WO2) who spent most his time in trg wings or 4 Sqn. 4 fucking medals with only 3 an half months on tour. Thought he was gods gift to the corps. Give him a radio an he was fecking useless

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  13. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    My understanding was that it was a 'band of brothers' sentiment. Get rid of as much clobber as possible and relax, remembering not to try and seduce the Colonel's wife.
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  14. Must understanding is, British medals represent the monarch as they're official awards, belonging to the monarch until you complete your service. Medals are gifted to you on completion of duty.

    Therefore, drinking and jovial behaviour would be deemed as disrespectful in the face of the monarch.

    Miniatures are not official awards, but representations/copies.

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