Take their fekkin license off him\her!

Bit of a rant here. I went to the Wickerman Festival just outside of Kircudbright over the weekend. It's just the other side of Dundrennon ranges. I had the wife and kids in the car and was in line behind an old motor home and one another car with kids in the back. As we got near Dundrennon we saw a LR and a Kings arctic with 2 ISOs on the back. Having dropped of there many times during my past life I knew that it looked like a unit had been on the ranges and their kit was going back. A minute later, almost near the main camp entrance a FFR LR comes around a corner going mach 10 on our side of the road (blind bend!) almost side on. Cars went everywhere to avoid a collision (including mine) and shook everyone up like you wouldn't belive. Did it stop to look at the damage it had caused? Did it feck.
So if your unit was at Dundrennon last week and you know who was the last to leave the camp please kick their arrse from one end of your camp to the other. Then make them stag on forever, becasue they almost killed several people last Thursday because they thought it would be fun to drive at over 50 mph on a small twisty country road. T**ts.


You should have reported the clown to the cops Speedy. They never learn until it's either too late and some other bugger has copped his whack or they themselves get collared by the cops. As far as most shit drivers (and there are plenty of them driving MoD vehicles) are concerned, the rules only apply to you and me.
You should have reported the clown to the cops Speedy.....
I wouldn't bother.

I did this once, but as part of the Police procedure, before you can make a formal complaint you have to show that you are in possession of a valid driving licence, insurance, vehicle registration and road fund licence. Then you can make your complaint and 6 months later the Police will give you a call to tell you they've tried (once) to find the perpetrator, but failed and have given up.
Nah. It was a Thursday and Kings had an arctic taking their gear. My guess is that this was a regular unit based in the south, and the LR was a Wolf version, as were the 2 I'd seen beforhand. There were regt flashes on the bumpers but couldn't make them out.
Did you say the Kingos? That explains it then, he'd probably nicked it! ;)
Fernando Alonso is faster than you are do you understand?
44 Sqn. That explains a lot ;)
My hope is someone from there reads this and the relevant party gets the arrse-ripping they deserve.
Before anyone can be gripped he/she needs to be identified; a VRN is the minimum information required in order that the driver can be correctly identified. No point gripping the wrong person………………….
Sorry, too busy swerving to note it down. It came around a blind bend far too fast and we all had to take IA then it was gone.


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Sorry, too busy swerving to note it down. It came around a blind bend far too fast and we all had to take IA then it was gone.
You and me both mate! All them civvy cars in the way as I rounded the corner had me shitting meself!


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Last week was driving up near Lochinver on a bit of road between a small cliff and a loch when came across a fecking German tourist reversing back round a blind bend.

Luckily enough there was just enough room to emergency break and get round round him but meant I had to do round bend on wrong side or road.

Twat. And there was a parking place about 20metres ahead if he'd wanted to park and walk back to look at scenery or even enough room for three point turn.

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