Take That.

Take That’s Howard Donald is in hospital after trying out a new trick on stage.
After nearly ten years off stage he decides to wow his audience by doing the splits.

So after a quick chat with himself he decides to go for it…
He jumps high into the air -then when legs akimbo - he hit’s the stage on his knackkers-in front of millions of his fans-he rolls around in agony.

After the initial oooos and aahhhhs from the audience-some laughter was heard-well lots. Then off to hospital with crushed nutts and a collapsed lung

http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/bizarre/article394455.ece :judge:


Book Reviewer
The best part about that article is:
Above the picture of Howard at the bottom of the page there is a vote
Should nurses have the power of life or death
Will Howard influence the vote?

Someone at the sun got a sense of humour? :D
Maybe Eagle you should have taught him some of your moves, you bigtime walt, maybe you could counsel him now, their again you could go off and die.
Well, he'd have known how to land properly if only he'd done the Parachute Pilot course, eh Andy?
he deserves it for being part of that set of tossers that have inflicted their soppy sentimental shit on the world for far too long. one or all of the audience should have taken it upon themselves to do the decent thing, rush the stage and kick the rest of them in the cnut aswel.

i hope his daughter sees daddy suffering.

im not alone in my hatred for these fuckers am i?