Take sides now for the upcoming event. Mancop V Bravo_Bravo

Who's side are you on?

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I just can't find it in me to go onside with anyone with the B_B initials bit! :lol:
and MC is not in my area, so being a rozzer does not matter :lol:

Here is a word game. See if you can play.

band Jump wagon the on

See if you can turn those words into a sentence. From where I am sitting, I certainly can. :roll:
you would mr c h. the only band wagon i am jumping on is the hate and wish for sudden death of bb. i take it you have a problem with that?
25 stone 6'4" rozzer equipped with dog, riot gear, cs, pepper spray, baton and full set of lingerie versus soft southern shandy drinking poof.

NO CONTEST :wink: :twisted:
My vote is cast. I do like a man who's useful & I have a terrible habit of driving too fast & parking where I shouldn't!!
Gunny said:
Mmmm, is the "Thing" BB? Look at "Things" posts (all 13). I'd say someone is making spelling mistakes and grammar errors to hide one's real identity!
BB back yet again?????
Thing, i see youve taken on BBs mantle of adopting the forces, she did:

and youre doing Cranwell!!
Filbert - that is CRANFIELD - not Cranwell - the 'rmcs' bit at the start of the address is Royal Military College of Science - um, Shrivenham I think.
Therefore we don't want to be tarred with this rather new Walter. You can keep him. Which ever regiment he/she claims an affiliation with.

Are we sticking with Walter or could it be a Troll? Panic! Oh - sorry - not American, are we?
well pointed out (spotter) and i am sorry for the mistake, i would go back and edit it but it would then make your post look daft. (tempting as it is)

either way, anyone else suspect that Ms Fruitloop is back yet again?

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