Take my DS to Basic?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by BornSlippy, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. Can I take my Nintendo DS Lite to Phase 1 with me as I have got this game 'walk with me' and I know during basic I will be doing a lot of that so it would be good to bring along to track my progress and motivate me, It also has built in WIFI so would I be able to use that or is that not allowed until phase 2?

  2. You think you are going to be allowed to take gadgets when you are out for a bimble? :D

    If the Army tells you to take a pencil, they dont mean a pencil with a rubber on the end, they mean a pencil, that means when they tell you to turn up in PT kit or fighting order, it will mean just that, i do not forsee the kit list having a Nintendo DS on it ;) :D

    If its electronic, it stays in your locker until you finish training for the day, exactly the same as your phone :)

    But if it is just for using at night, then why not, we might keep some 19th century traditions but we are quite humane :)
  3. But how then am I going to update my Facebook status bar when im out in the field??!
  4. Kiss goodbye to Facebook, in fact kiss goodbye to the Internet, if you managed to get Wifi it will be sketchy at best.

    Perhaps you should book Butlins for your training ;) :D
  5. Im 99% sure you are, but just to be safe PLEASE confirm your joking :)
  6. But in the army DVD I got it showed a guy playing drum and base on his decks whilst his mates played on the xbox together... and I cant even bring a DS? Well thats fair!!
  7. aye and they were probably well paid actors, when in reality the real owners of them bed spaces were probably scrubbing the shitters :D
  8. What DVD are you watching? You sure that DVD wasn't just about batallion life rather than training? Either way don't go in thinking your going to be training your thumb skills on some xbox.
  9. is this a joke?
  10. You having a laugh laddie, i could,nt even take a chocky bar with me , its not butlins you know !!!
  11. No shit Sherlock
  12. Err if 2 nutters learnt how to pilot commercial airliners into the WTC then I think I can learn to be a soldier playing halo 3.
  13. If it isn't, he's in for a shock :lol:
  14. for the first 7 weeks you get naff all after that once all kit is done do whatever you want but this is the army your joining not the girl guides/space cadets so man up and shut up.
  15. They took everything off my son, his lap top, psp and his roller blades. They were only allowed 10mins at the end of the day to use their mobile phone. Also banned were chocolate and sweets. They werent even allowed to use the vending machines for the first six weeks.
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