Take a Seat.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by The_Snail, Nov 8, 2009.

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  1. Right, with all this squabbling, and "Walt" hunting going on today, can we all just take a step back and remember what today is about please? It's not about your internet persona, your inside leg measurement, the size of your shoes (heh) it's about remembering people we have lost, or who are injured, or are in need. If you have a few spare pennies, bid on here:

    Charity Auctions

    So just sit back, and take a deep breath before you get all "arrsey" with whoever is pissing you off on the internet.

    There's a real world out there, and some of you should join it.

    Sluggy xxx
  2. Well said, Arrse has been ...... well Arse today for want of a better word.
  3. I'd be more eloquent, but I'd probably get told off.
  4. Have you been on the vino again??
  5. Who me or Dale?
  6. Dale
  7. If you paid more attention, you'll find that I have spent more time in the Guardroom, or with the CNO and CVO today, when I wasn't with the happy clappy crowd. Dear.

    Welcome back, you fat cunt btw xxxxx
  8. Why would I pay any attention to you???
  9. If you were not paying attention to snail, then you wouldn't be in her thread talking about, and to, her......
  10. Hand up who would sniff the snails knickers here...
  11. She is female, so pretty much most of us if we are honest?
  12. Come to think of it thats a good point, I would probably sniff any females knickers, partly out of curiosity.

  13. Pssst! Wanna buy some? £50 to H4H and they're yours. :oops:
  14. You'v got yourself a deal my friend, make that next day delivery.
  15. PM me the screen shot of the dough hitting their account and they are on the way to you my good chap.