Evening all,

Does anyone know if there is a tailors in Deepcut who hire out RLC number 1 dress? My mate is getting married and has decided to make all his friends suffer by wearing it. I've seen a website called squaddiekit who do it but would rather go through a proper corps tailor if possible so I know I'm getting the right stuff!

Thanks in advance
Don't forget to go "one up" :wink:
Bulford Tailors. They can have it ready in a week or so, depending on how fat you are
Spk to RQ Deepcut for No1s - 94214 5642

Then the CORPS tailor "Lee" will tailor them but youll have to pay - 01252 838140

If they cannot help thye get these phone calls all the time so they can direct you to a number of sources.

Remember it's YOUR wedding, you can wear whatever rank or medals you prefer... ;)
There's a Tailors that do No1 hire just besie Corps HQ...Samuel Brothers if my memory is correct.
Cheers guys! Actually it's not MY wedding but I'll tell the groom to get himself a "national defence" medal and a "fighting outside savoys in paderborn" medal so he's got more bling than the rest of us

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