Tailors who can alter service dress in London?

Having attended a service wedding, looking rather dapper this weekend, I find myself looking at the photos and realising that my Nos1 Jacket appears to have been attacked by the 'enlarging fairies'. Rather incredibly, I appear to have lost some weight in the last few years, and my Jacket is now too big for me, and too long on the arms.

Can anyone advise of a half decent tailor (preferably reasonably priced) in London who could bring it in a bit, and perhaps shorten the sleeves to stop me looking like a CCF cadet? I'm off to watch Trooping the Colour this year, and don't want to look a sack of shite in front of HRH, so would be very grateful for any suggestions.


pm Sandbanks - he is a tailor I believe - based somewhere in the Bishpsgate area
Do you mean your blues jacket? - I had mine made by Kashketts (yes them from the academy), when my own wedding plans were...interfered with...by the army (long story).

I was kitted out by Goldings at RMAS, who assured us all that when we inevitably changed shape, or needed extra kit (like a blues jacket), there would be material to alter and they would have your measurements. Did they ARRSE on both accounts - "sorry sir, we never leave excess to let jackets out" and "we'll re-measure an it will take months" when I needed a Blues jacket pronto (back from tour about to depart to Germany. Ironically, after getting new (bigger) SD kit, I am now smaller than when at RMAS, so lucky I kept my original SD jacket (notwithstading the FAD SD in my wardrobe yet to be fitted).

I asked Kashkets and they tripped over themselves, even offering the owners brother to measure me at Bulford Tailors (not connected to Kashketts) to get the measurements in the 3 days I was in the UK between Iraq and Germany.

In short, I found them very helpful and while they may not alter your stuff (as they didn't make it), they would be worth a shout. They have the branch at RMAS and one in London.
Ring the Master Tailor of any of the Gurads or PD Bn's around London about some and see what he can do for you. I had my No.1 Greens altered for my wedding by the chap from the Micks at Chelsea Bks for a load of fags and a bottle of Jameson's. Top job and a top bloke too, from Limerick ISTR. Worth a shot.


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Had the same experience of Goldings...

He made a great show at the RMAS Tailors' Bazaar of slicing down a seam and showing us how much material they left for future adjustments.

Several years later I took all my uniform into a tailor to get it let out a little (!) and was told that there wasn't a shred of extra material in any of the jackets.
Thats really helpful guys - I tried the Woolwich link, but their number is currently not working which annoying. If anyone could PM me a number of the Master Tailor over at St James barracks then I'd be grateful. Tried looking on DII and got the square root of FA on the search engine (no surprise there though!)

Hope they don't mind giving advice for the senior service - its a Naval Jacket that needs altering :)
Goldings have a tailor who frequents the MoD, try them.

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