Tailors in Ipswich?

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  1. Just posting here to see if anyoe can help me. I have just been promoted and therefore my number 2s need my rank putting on but I went to clothing store today at Wattisham and they are saying its very unlikly they would be able to get them done for Rememberance Sunday so I was wondering if there was any civilian company that can do this in Ipswich that anybody knows of or even Colchester.

  2. Try Michael Jay just outside Stowmarket. They're on a scabby industrial estate but the service is very good.
  3. Concur - have had no dramas with Michael Jay.

    Edited to say:

    There is also Costello's of Colchester - just near the old Goojerat Barracks entrance. They're OK

    Or the 216 Sig Sqn PRI on Merville Barracks are pretty good if you ask nicely

    However, it is that time of year, so you may have to wait.
  4. Damn, just rang Michael Jay Tailoring and there on holiday for a week, just my luck. Might have to try the one in Colchester.