Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Sappi, Jan 30, 2010.

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  1. Just wanted to get some general advice on Mess Kit Tailoring, any good/bad experiences with specific tailors?
    Im looking at Kaskits purely because of the package they put with the mess kit (suit/blues etc).

  2. Costellos - cheap and reasonable quality

    Why would you buy blues?
  3. Got a wedding coming up. Plus they did them as part of a package, so i hardly paid anything for them.
  4. I used Samuel Brothers, who were OK, but needed a bit of chasing before everything was just right.

    I thought Blues were going to be an issue-when-needed item, with the NCO's coming out of Phase 2 not being issued them due to the closure of Rochester Row? Or that was the duty rumour here...
  5. No idea, im not an NCO... Kashkits and Goldings both seem keen but rumour has it that Goldings is hard to get in touch with when minor alterations are needed.
  6. I thought the Blues aspect of officer uniform allowance had also gone - for the same reason as quoted above.

    Either way, whatever your rank, try Worthless Down, they have lots of pre-loved uniforms for sale at attractive prices
  7. Thanks, ill give the QM a call.
  8. Was thinking about getting some tailoring done. I got my Mess Kit from some place in Leeds (plave began with B) and they were good and reasonably priced. No idea of the name of the firm...any ideas? Thanks in advance.