Tailoring a bush hat

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by geordiecakes, Oct 26, 2006.

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  1. Hello,

    I'm off to the jungle quite soon - wonding if anyone knows the the best way to tailor your bush hat, in terms of cutting it down etc without making it ultimatley useless for its intended purpose? Ally is a bonus!!


  2. Well here's some tips:

  3. No doubt you're now going to get a good slating from all the 'Wear-as-issued' gang* ...

    Have it done by your unit stitch/HM Supplies, I guarantee that you will balls it up if you try do it yourself.

    Also make sure you attach a bit of cord and a grip/toggle to keep it tight on your swede, you can also loop the cord to your shirt to prevent loss (especially if you might be in boats, running, etc)

    *cutting an inch or so off the brim increases your field of vision and prevents it flopping into your face. And you won't look like a refugee from Laura Ashley ...
  4. Don't do it yourself, one of my mates thought he'd be clever & follow the stitching, only to realise later it's sewn in a spiral.

    the wide brim is to stop beasties & sh1t falling down your neck
  5. If you're going to real jungle, you're gonna regret cutting the brim off....... you won't feel "ally" when fire-ants have gone down the back of your neck!

    Take a spare, wide-brimmed version. We used to further stiffen the brim of the issue one by getting the seamtress to put a few more lines of stitching in.
  6. Gents ,i knew a guy who had spent time in Borneo and he said they used to put copper wire in the edge of the brim for when it rains, otherwise it would go all floppy,...............ooh er.
  7. woody was most entertained helping out on a cadet weekend with the number of "ally" looking jungle hats mostly worn by girls as they apprantly had the sewing skills :D
  8. If it's so important to stop ants getting down your neck, why doesn't your combat helmet have a wide floppy brim as well ???

    Or are the links in that last post the proposed 'Mk6(J) - Helmet, Mans, Jungle Issue' :wink:
  9. Hope you checked no one in your chain of command has a downer on tailored bush hats.
  10. Leave it as it is. Its big and floppy for a reason as you'll find out. On the other hand, if all your interested in is looking 'well 'ard', then hack away....
  11. The wide brim has two main functions:
    1. To shade the eyes from the sun, to stop you squinting all the time.
    2. To prevent heat stroke by keeping the sun off the back of the neck.
    Cut it down too much and you will look really ally – in the Med Centre.
  12. Trim half an inch if you feel the need, most important that you don't trim it too much though. When you've been under the canopy for a while and move into a clearing the sunlight can appear very bright. It's like walking outside on a sunny day from a dark building.

    Best thing to do is make sure there's a chinstrap/toggle (make it out of something comfy, not paracord). Wear it with the strap behind your ears and under the chin, then you wont lose your hat to the b*st*rd bushes.
  13. Yeah, of course I didn't think of that ...


    ... so maybe that one would be better ???

    So, although he's wearing body-armour + webbing full of ammo and water and doing contact drills/Coy level/combined arms live firing all day, so long as the back of his neck is covered, he'll be fully protected from sunstroke ???

    And everyone who has foolishly cut their brim down an inch or so will pile-in due to excessive sun absorption, radiation burns and mineral/electrolyte depletion ???

    Thanks for pointing out my error, I feel like a right cnut now :wink: