Tailored Yokes?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by TASO09, Aug 13, 2010.

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  1. Dear all,

    Recently I saw a chap with what I thought would be a great addition to a webbing set. The yoke looked more like the dimensions of a chest rig, with netting (with pockets) reaching around the front so that it almost looked like a combat weskit. In here you could keep all kinds of useful stuff so I thought. I'd like to know if anyone could point me in the right direction about getting one or something similar? I've checked the usual sources i.e. Jay-Jays but unless it's a one off made to measure I'm out of luck.
  2. Dammit - too slow.
  3. Close but not quite. The type I saw didn't have the mag pouch & FFD etc pouches. Simply netting meeting closer in the middle with no pouches only pockets in between the netting, perfect for maps etc or an emergency dump for mags perhaps.
  4. Talk to the guys at Troopers,they may/should be able to make what you're after.....
  5. Exmouth is that?
  6. No idea, but it's in that thread someplace.
  7. Troopers in Colchester mate edited to say they did my full beltkit for me they really are good lads 100% recommend them
  8. https://www.dragonsupplies.co.uk/catalogue/401-Dragon-Load-Bearing-Yoke

    If you want one like that, put a donation that you feel appropriate in the nearest H4H / RBL box, and I'll send you it. It's brand-spanking shiny so it should deserve a reasonable donation, being £60 on the web.
    It's up to your morals if you do or not, obviously I can't check on that, but I'll believe you. It was given to me on the grounds that I donated to H4H, and given to the previous owner on similar grounds, so I couldn't do any different! That said, if you'd be willing to supply a standard PLCE yoke, or preferably one of the wider ones, it'd be lovely to save me having to go and scrounge one.

    Might take a week or 2 as it's in my other house and I'm not there at the moment.
  9. a bit pricey though?!
  10. YOU THERE, sort your shagging cuffs out, are you directing traffic?
  11. .........If you want a cadet instructors webbing that is, "don't call me sarge".
  12. That's along the lines of what I am looking for in shape yes. The main selling point for the yoke that I initially asked about was the zipped pockets as part of the meshing at the front (for TAMs etc). If your one has these then pick your charity!

    The base one would be what I was looking for but with just plain netting/mesh. Very expensive on that site though!

    Thanks fellas!