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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by SidneyRuffDiamond, May 26, 2008.

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  1. Is it possible to still get a tailored TOS, and if so..... anyone have any ideas where.

  2. Master stitch 2 SCOTS
  3. Oh! I was going to suggest that you just take out the pages that you didn't need. :oops:
  4. There is a crackin stitch in Stirling...Depends what Battalion your in to the nearest.
  5. TOS... Top Of Soldier...
  6. Jocks or Officers pattern?
  7. Sure both are the same colour now but quality of material may differ ever so slighty
  8. Anyone tell me what the largest issue size is (preferably with an NSN) as my TOS does not fit my rather oversized head :D
  9. once saw a size 61
  10. For you?
  11. Note to self - get out more.
  12. Don't be surprised Tiger, Both my CSM and I are a size 61. We both have massive big heeds. Neither of us wears a TOS.
  13. "Top of Soldier" were the approved supplier of the Officers pattern, however since then a collegue has told me they've changed the "Officers" pattern slightly. They had acquired a new one the master stich 2 Scots as mentioned. If you're forking out dosh for a bit of uniform you want to make sure you getting the right gear!!

  14. Does that mean you have a rather large head perhaps, wonders if Bruce has a shiny head or hides it under a HLS with a RRF capbadge attached.

    Jaggy you are spot on reference correct TOS.
  15. Bump bump bumpty

    Stirling Tailors Ltd 01786 445349 or 07957 437026

    Although I understand he is preparing a lot of kilts and no 2's jackets for a parade or 2