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Discussion in 'Officers' started by PrinceAlbert, Nov 20, 2012.

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  1. Gents,

    I would like some advice on tailored shirts. If I purchase an off the peg shirt that fits my collar it's like wearing a tent.

    My usual tailor in Jermyn St wants a minimum of 4 shirts at £225 each (granted that's with a template being made), and I think I can find the same quality for less.

    So please, any recommendations?

  2. Stephan Haroutunian on Moore Park Road in Fulham. Not bought from them myself, but they come highly recommended.
  3. When you buy an of the peg shirt do you buy the slim fit shirt or just the standard fit. Standard fit is like a tent but slim fit is tailored in at the waist. Eterna shirts are anything from £60 upwards and make great work shirts, they do a slim fit range and 7 Camicie start about £100 also do slim fit and are more going out shirts. Both these makes wash and iron like new. Oh and Andre is another good work shirt range.
  4. I get mine made to measure by a very good tailor in Saigon. There is only one draw-back. His name is Dung (pronounced Youm). Consequently my shirts have a label inside the collar which says "DUNG Elegantly Yours."
  5. You could go out to Saigon, Bangkok or Hong Kong and have a load made for $100, and even after the air fare and the hotel you'd still have change from what you would have spent in Britain. You'd be paying yourself to go on holiday!
  6. Marco Tailor in Siam Square (Bangkok) is the dogs nads. Old boy came over from Hong Kong in a boat many many years ago and brought English tailoring (a la Savile Row) with him. The Thai Crown Prince gets his suits made there. A shirt costs about 50 quid or more depending on your choice of material. Once you've got the template made you can of course order shirts and have them delivered anywhere.

    The vast majority of 'tailored' shirts that are bought in Bangkok / Pattaya / Phuket are merely measured by smooth talking Indians selling you material and the making of the shirt itself is subbed out to a sweatshop factory working from instructions sent by the Indian 'tailor'. Some shirts look OK but too often they lack the kind of just-right finesse that comes from well calculated algorithms / instincts for bodily dimensions that really professional tailors have passed down during training or come up with themselves.
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  7. At the lower end of the market, M&S online have 'custom' made shirts for about £50 tops. Not made to measure but I've found they fit me far better than off the peg stuff. Useful detailing too. Not bad for work, but a limited choice of fabrics though.
  8. What's wrong with tesco/Burtons/Suits You shirts? Alot cheaper, even if you do want them tailored get a cheap one to just take them in surely?
  9. A2_Matelot

    A2_Matelot LE Book Reviewer

    I need to show my wife this thread, she thinks I spend too much on shirts! This may well be the thread that establishes the basic difference between Army Officers and Naval Officers ;-)

    I'm clearly not that discerning but what about Pink I've found their shirts to be excellent quality and a decent fit, likewise Pakeman Catto and Carter (Welcome to Pakeman Catto & Carter), Tyrwhitt's are fine and I've even got a few Boden shirts (go well with the devils cloth).

    PrinceAlbert - £225 for a shirt? I'm going to have to type that again, £225 for a shirt? I'm in shock.
  10. Hardy and Hudson's of Jermyn Street do an excellent range of off the peg with varying arm length collar size combo for around £35 a pop. Used them for many years, and have avoided the gorilla proportioned sizes I used to get elsewhere.
  11. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Pink have gone off the boil on the cloth front. Avoid TM Lewin if you want stuff that won't look worn quickly (or, on the other hand, if you're happy paying £100 for four and renewing more often, crack on). Both do slim-fits with darted backs which get rid of that tent look.

    Eton do a nice, tailored range. About £125 apiece but (for instance) the plain colours are where Pink's used to be a few years ago in terms of cloth handle and lustre.

    It's a shame; the normal fit shirts from Pink of about 20 years back were a good fit. They were in many ways a more practical fit than the slim ones now; pleats in the back for the shoulders, enough arm movement, etc, but not so spare around the middle. Then they obviously took account of Britain becoming a nation of fat bastards and went tent.

    Prince Albert, if you can wait until January it's worth watching for some of the sale offers which come up in The Telegraph, etc. A few of the Savile Row tailors make some stupidly good offers on made-to-measure but for very limited periods.
  12. I found off the peg from somewhere like Pinks, Lewins or Charles Tyrwhitt for £25-£50 each bought in bulk, with £25 each to a tailor to adjust them was most cost effective for me.
  13. Jeeez, you lot get paid to much!

    I find good old T M Lewin in a "fully Fitted" shirt fits us slimmer chaps just dandy. "Slim fit" is for those who are starting to spread a little.

    They are doing a deal just now, 4 shirts for £100.

    I use them for work shirts (suited and booted) but have found a couple of styles use a material that seems to be like Titanium, always returning to its original shape...creased as feck!!