tailored shirts!!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by threesend, May 25, 2005.

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  1. this may be an old topic or even on the wrong board but to be honest i think this needs discussing. i popped into the garrison qms dept today and was confronted by a ssgt in the light infantry wearing a tailored cs95 shirt!. his able assistant in the rha also was sporting a tailored cs95 shirt! . i thought that we are only issued 3 on our 1157? so what do they do for winter? . is this a case of im working in the stores and ill help myself to a few freebies?? i know that the majority of squaddies have a few spare shirts but cmon it looks sh1t... is there anyone else out there who has noticed this happening in there units/garrisons. oh by the way it was jhq!
  2. I take it you mean tailored as in short sleves.

    If so you are right that would look shiete.
  3. sounds like a REMF recognition thing...
  4. i thought the same as some fat female clerk is sporting the new look short sleeved addition. the fact that these infantry types are working in a qms dept must mean that they surplus to requirements in there own regts/battalions.

  5. mmmmmm I now have images of the "fat female clerk" in said taylored item mmllaarring on my hampton.... I need help! :twisted:
  6. There's a bloke in Afganistan as we speak with tailored desert shirt! How chad does that look!
  7. It does look toss . I think it must be an ''on posting thing '' as no RSM worth his salt would allow it. :twisted:
  8. It's nothing new. There was a fad for tailoring (darting) tropical DPM shirts years ago. They looked pretty smart for mincing around APC, but they bleached very easy, and when the darts were taken out (for whatever reason) it left two darker DPM triangles on the back of a pale as you like, sun-bleached shirt. Absolutely tits for field use though, and any fashionista worth his (old) salt wore his trop hanging out and not tucked in his kecks. Thus:

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  9. Hey I've got one of those shirts in my wardrobe

    We used to call it a "belize shirt" maybe a crabism
  10. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Bit Late 70s/early 80s isn't it? Everything used to be tailored then, shirts, jackets, trousers etc. Surley not the fasion now.

    Mind you now I tend to appreciate big and baggy - hides yeasr of over eating and drinking and sedatry life style - or I kid myself that it does.
  11. It's GAY! full stop,

    no reason to do it, and it ruins a shirt for field use, ever tried the prone position with short sleeves? not a good day out,

    and you get lots of case burns on your arms when you fire your GPMG

    REMF's only
  12. Ah, but simply lopping off the sleeves of a KF shirt is one thing. Taking in the waistline on a 'Jacket DPM Tropical' is something else (for barrack wear only). I never saw sleeves lopped of the aforementioned. Short sleeves in the bondu is a no-brainer anyway. Why give the beasties more surface area to feast upon than is absolutely necessary?

    Modifying issue kit for barrack/walking out dress is nothing new. The 'tiddly suits' of the late '40s bear testament to this: flared inserts on BD trousers? Niiice. Would look great with a set of brown brogues and a Mk3 NBC top. 8O
  13. That'd be a sight. BD trousers have a wide enough leg already...
  14. I always refused to wear my "Jacket, tropical, combat' tucked in as it was a shaggin' jacket.

    And who rolls the sleeves up on a jacket anyway?


    That said, I always used to push the sleeves up on my JHW - don't know why, just did....

    ...Only in the office mind.
  15. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Don Johnson in Miami Vice