tailor made suits Nicosia Cyprus


im after getting a tailor made suit, i have heard of a tailor in Nicosia who has apparently made suits for the forces for many years, quality suits at decent prices?
does anybody know were abouts, a name, or any contact details?
mate they are all spot on, cypriot side

turkish side is good for the bling
I will second that, Osman the Tailor (N Nicosia (or Lefkosia)). Buy the material in the South. Visit him, have a chat and he will tell you how much material to get - you will not be disappointed. He is just a ten minute walk from the crossing point (in Police Street) Phone number Cyprus +357 (0)392 2271663


seanbean said:
Mr Osman in northern Nicosia - but you buy the cloth in the south.
He's dead, apparantly. There was a similar thread (pun not intended) on here a couple of years ago.
I had a dinner suit made in Stasis in Larnaca. The shop is on the row behind the sea front and sells a lot of Moschino gear.
The suit is still going strong years down the line.
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