Discussion in 'Sappers' started by BillyLongArm, Jun 10, 2012.

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  1. whos had them and what is the sappers chosen method of ridding ones self from the tagnut army???

    i prefer to roll into little balls until they come off and then ping at the cat
  2. Real men use a blowtorch.
  3. ...and whose little balls do you prefer to roll into?
  4. Tagnuts? You mean plipkeys.

    As it's in the Sappers' thread, I can only assume that you lot march about with the equivalent of a jar of shit-marbles in your pants, as opposed to other units who have silky smooth gussets on parade.
  5. Sappers are there to dig holes, are they not? Why can't they get their underpant drills sorted, or do they need a JCB to wipe their arse?
  6. I seem to remember the Viz solution worked well:

  7. That wouldn't have been as funny if it came from a different username.
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  8. I find borrowing somebody elses comb and giving your **** beard a good grooming works well, especially after a few weeks on exercise or tour!