Tagging school kids

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Joshing-lens, Nov 24, 2012.

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  1. So a school in the States decides to tag its pupils, reason they know where they are, which class there are in and for that matter which toilet block, or behind which bike shed ( or car park as its USA). In my eyes this is a complete management fail and really not a necessary requirement of a well run school but that's how it is.

    Some kid decides to object, fair enough, its a bit of the old big brother shite could get that, she maybe doesnt want the teachers to know where she goes for her smoke.

    NO she objects because it says in the bible that a 'barcoded tag ......' Now I havent read a bible since I ran out of church crying with my short trousers round my ankles when I was about 10 years old but barcodes I thought they were a thing of the 1970's.

    Do kids really need to be tagged in a standard school?
    Is religion really the get out of jail free card that so many people seem to use?

    Ms Hernandez refused to wear the tag because it conflicted with her religious beliefs, according to court papers. Wearing such a barcoded tag can be seen as a mark of the beast as described in Revelation 13 in the Bible,

    Article link BBC News - US school tag tracker project prompts court row
  2. If bar-codes are the mark of the beast, then we're in deep shit.
  3. From the article.
    And to think... in my day you answered 'registration' twice a day. Stoneage or what.
  4. Simple solution, give her kid his tag on the left hand.
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  5. Rfid everyone and everything is slightly insane.
    Claiming its the mark of the beast seems perfectly reasonble response to this insanity.
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  6. To be fair, these are yank kids we are talking about. Their schools have airport style security to stop the ******* bringing in weapons, so am not surprised by this. It would probably be useful when one of them goes nuts and starts shooting/stabbing fellow students, which I gather is a regular occurrence.
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  7. A man with a bible I guess. Bugger me and stone the crows, is that why Indian women are all shop keepers because they can buy and sell?
  8. Just a quick one...

    Is this woman objecting on strict religous grounds (ie the Bible)?

    Becuase 1 Timothy 2:11-12
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  9. Just don't sit the little ones in the trolley at the supermarket. The till could go crazy when it goes through the checkout.
    One giant pack potato chips, $3.49 - Tube of cheese in a can, $6 - 4 Family sized pizzas with all toppings, £8.99 - Instant nachos, $3.99 - one kid, $99,999.99 and there's an offer on that - buy one get one half price.
  10. Yes, but think of the loyalty points you'll earn.
  11. Have you been into some of the bigger schools in south London?
  12. Nope, my name is not Jimmy Savile