Tagged offenders unmonitored for weeks

The Home Office is to launch an investigation into the company that manages the electronic tagging of early release criminals after an undercover investigation revealed that potentially serious offenders were left unmonitored for weeks at a time.

Ministers have been forced to act after receiving disturbing evidence of equipment failures and doctored record-keeping within Group 4 Securicor Justice Services, which operates 60 per cent of tags for offenders released early under the Home Detention Curfew scheme.

A 130-page dossier obtained by a BBC journalist, who worked undercover for five months in the security company's Nottingham operations centre, includes the following allegations:
A manager secretly taped saying that three paedophiles were not being monitored.

A prisoner incorrectly returned to jail for seven weeks because of a blunder by the security company.

A violent offender breached his bail conditions by going into a pub 10 minutes after removing his tag the night before his court appearance.

An employee mocked Victor Bates, a campaigner against tagging whose wife Marian was shot dead in their jewellery shop after the gunman's accomplice had ripped off his tag.

A prisoner convicted of indecent assault on home leave was unmonitored for several days because his tagging equipment failed.

The revelations will further undermine confidence in tagging after figures revealed that inmates let out under the system committed more than 1,000 violent crimes including four manslaughters, one murder, 56 woundings and more than 700 assaults since it was introduced in 1999.

The investigation also discovered evidence of staff fabricating records to save money. G4S is paid around £45 million a year by the Home Office to administer the curfew system.

After being confronted with the evidence G4S, which has admitted there was faulty equipment, has been forced to apologise and has suspended five employees in Nottingham.

A spokesman for the Home Office said: "Public protection is the Government's first priority. The findings of this programme are of concern. We are reviewing the contract and will be asking G4S urgent questions to ensure that these allegations are thoroughly investigated and issues arising are addressed."

The investigation by a team from BBC Inside Out East Midlands disclosed that the monitoring boxes in tagged offenders homes, which relay information about their movements, routinely broke down.

One factor in the failure of the system could be that G4S, which has admitted there was a batch of faulty equipment in Nottingham, uses the mobile telephone network technology rather than fixed lines. Steve Green, the Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire, said the Home Office had to establish whether the Nottingham problems were nationwide.

"I want to urgently know if is this a Nottingham problem or a G4S problem. If it is a G4S problem and this is the way company is run then that puts a huge responsibility on the Home Office to tackle and address because that is not acceptable," he said.

Ian Ridgely, chief operations officer at G4S, said: "We believe in a small number of cases that we may not have been monitoring to the level that we would expect to, we apologise for that, we accept that.

From that point of view we recognise that the Home Office requires us to work to a very high standard and of course we are sorry that in some minor number of instances, we may not have operated to those standards."

Programme on Radio 4 as I type. What a cock-up! Another triumph for Bliar, Blunkett, 'Rottweiler' Reid, Brown of course and all the rest of the revolting rabble posing as a government.
"I want to urgently know if is this a Nottingham problem or a G4S problem. If it is a G4S problem and this is the way company is run then that puts a huge responsibility on the Home Office to tackle and address because that is not acceptable," he said.
G4S don't exactly have a good track record so no surprises whatsoever.
I am not even shocked. Easy way to solve the problem - lock the feckers up! WTF are the Gummunt playing at?

And I DO feel sorry for the poor fecker who was returned to jail for 7 weeks. I hope he sues that arrse of G4S.
For anybody who is interested, can I once again recommend David Fraser's book 'A Land Fit For Criminals'. Amazon Link

A former probation officer, Fraser describes stuff like this going on for years. If you think people who are tagged have it easy, just read about what happens to those on probation or community service.

John Reid was the last chance we had to get the Home Office back on its feet. He can't do it and he's the best Labour have to offer.

Time for a change of government methinks.
Taggings a fcuking waste of time, it doesn't stop them (criminals) from commiting offences, they don't give a sh!t if they breach the conditions either.

The whole system is pathetic, a little scrote from my old area was on tag, the company sent us a fax with his conditions on it so i was aware that he had a 1900-0700 curfew, i popped in the local shop for a bottle of water at about 2000 and who did i see cowering behind one of the displays? Said scrote of course (no his conditions were'nt to live and sleep each night in the shop). I locked the little twot up and took him to the custody unit, the aforementioned fax in hand confirming his conditions.

He's booked in, only to find out that he was later released because no fax had been recieved from the tagging company that he had breached the conditions. FFS!!! i caught him red handed!

No fax ever appeared either, the system just doesn't work, in fact he probably got a payout for wrongful arrest.
I,ve had similar experiences to Seagull. The tagging compnay that I dealt with told me that they give each "taggee" 1/ 2 hour grace each day , just in case they are late catching the bus etc ( read into that stealing etc). Until the company formally reports a breach there is little you can do. A pathetic system misused.
Part of the so-called 'problem' of re-offending is that for many, many criminals, life in prison and the conditions therein are better than when on the 'outside'.

This is an appalling condemnation of this dreadful 'socialist' government - but then it is only one of list too long to type.

I suggest that Bliar might well find his 'legacy' on the walls of lavatories in the seamier parts of some of the nation's most run-down cities.


I think that if prison was place where people did not want to go, the crime rate would drop considerably. We need to build more!!

Have a couple of tiers if you wish; Those on remand pending a trial as they are not yet found guilty and then another, where life is utterly sh1t and takes them back to a victorian era. Make it so unpleasant and degrading that what fecker in their right mind would want to be locked up. Our politicians give way to the slightest lefty onslaught and thus the society crumbles around us with sh1t estates, troubled by youths who get away with feckin everything.

The welfare state contributes no doubt. Why should I work, and lose my housing beneift etc. Makes me feckin mad it does! :pissedoff:

Tagging is sh1te! Unless its linked to the National Grid! :numberone:
Since the 1st of January this year I have caught in store 5 Scrotes (4 Lads, 1 Girl) with tags on. Tags are routinly used as a status symbol by scrotes. The chav fashion is to wear shorts or pull the leg up on their trackies to show the world that they are "GANGSTA MO'FO". I know of one scrote who targets a local supermarket just before 22:00 stealing tv's/dvd recorders and he's tagged with a 19:00-07:00 curfew. He's been caught twice and still wandering the streets after 19:00. The Systems a disgrace :shakefist:

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