Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by captainchaos, Dec 11, 2005.

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  1. Did anyone else see this farfetched piece of ridiculous drama on Friday night? I started off watching for amusement to see how unconvincing a portrayal of the Army it would be. As I watched I became more and more indignant at what I was seeing. I know it is just some TV show, but I found myself genuiunely angry at the cliched characters and the misrepresentation of military training. God forbid that any Potential Recruits out there saw this programme and took it at face value. Disturbing to think that the general public have this type of picture painted for them.

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this thread, but am posting it anyway.
  2. I agree with you it was so far fetched as to be a travesty and I think the programme makers should be forced to give some sort of health warrnning with it such as "this programme is absolute c*ap and is not based on any kind of reality".
  3. listen this - being a member of an otc in taggarts home city we actually appeared in one of the episodes about two years ago as a corps. All we had to do was march about in front of a building whilst inside the murderers former troopy was questioned. £70 for three hours work-not to bad although most of that dissapeared cause we went out on the skite after. Missed the episode on friday cause i was out ( on the skite ) - how bad on a badness scale of 1 to 10 how was it? (10 being high and 11.7 higher still)
  4. Although it was crap, there was one part that did make me laugh.

    During the questioning of the young girl

    "During the 2 years in the forces did you ever train in firearms" :lol: :lol: :roll:
  5. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    Poor just poor.

    I was under the impression that the forces (Army) offered an LO for these matters it was certainly not as accurate as the similar frost a few years ago.

    I did recognise the training Sgt from basic, his characterisation was accurate, if not the research.

    If there was an LO imagine the sh*t he is getting.

  6. BAAAAD, Truly terrible. The plot was of the tabloidesque Deepcut variety, the SNCO Instr would have been convincing if not so OTT, but the scriptwriter had no idea about mil life - big bad Sgt ate meals in Jr Ranks cookhouse so that he could intimidate them all even more, there was a bunker in the training area where troops were locked in solitary for transgressing the 'code'. (And I'm not talking core values here). The recruits were consistently referred to as trainees (!) Everyone seemed to have free access to weapons and live ammunition. The Sgt trained all the recruits by himself - no JNCOs, no Range Safety for what looked like a field firing ex. And the recruits were all superfit and spent all of their evenings playing cards as opposed to pressing their kit, or being marched to the NAAFI to be fleeced when buying polish, hangers, selvyts etc. Recruits did a squadded run alone without a PTI and were wearing CS95 (no blue bobby charltons or PT vest red/green in sight). But the biscuit was taken when the recruits were driven straight away in Deserts at the end to go to the sandpit. Would have been funny were it not for the blatant misrepresentation of what training is really like.
  7. When I was living in XXXXXXX, my wife and I were walking home one day when we were stopped by a rather tall man wearing a white summer Trilby (sorry, can’t think of the correct name). He stopped us and asked “do you know where XXXXX House is”? My wife, who is a real star-spotter, said. “Your Taggart aren’t you”? The big fellah, said “Aye, and a bloody fine detective aren’t I”?

    I was really surprised how tall he was in real life. My wife was really embarrassed that she said what she said

    This was just a short time before the old guy passed away.

    He was a real star! :lol:
  8. It was complete and utter B*llocks and surpassed the previous Army-related episode in its cringe-worthyness. :evil:
  9. Off on a tangent, I know, but: Rumrunner, the term you are looking for is Panama hat. Maybe you should look at the thread regarding sartorial matters in the Ossifers forum :wink: get boned up on panamas vs trilbys etc. While you are there you could get ideas for some nice red moleskins and tweed checked sports jacket :lol:
  10. Thank you, thank you. If you can be sure of one thing on ARRSE, it’s that there is intelligent life out there somewhere.

    ROTFLMAO :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  11. Ahhhhaahhh - so there are members of that OTC actually made it onto the interweb, net, thingy.... :lol:

    haven't seen many of them on here...... not that own up anyway.

    well was - many moons ago - I was a member of the same OTC in Taggarts home city... glorious institution it was (is?) too.

    and also watched the episode on Friday and can honestly say it was the biggest load of cliched, stereotypical tripe that I have seen in a long time. Absolute rubbish. On your scale it would fit in at about 11.89

    And funnily enough it was originally meant to be shown much earlier on the current series - and was scheduled for the same day as the Deepcut Report was aired/published (or not as the case may be).... so that caused a case of brown trousers and a hasty re-arranging of the schedule.
  12. taggarts otc is still pretty good - when did you leave?
    if its within the past 3 and a bit years give me some nicknames and i will fill you in on all the gory details
  13. oh shit - if answer that it will give away just how much of a crumbly old git I am.... well not that old really.....

    finshed with them in 1992, after 4 damn fine years... and moved on to the wider T.A world for a while, although toyed with the Reg's and changed mind at the last minute.

    was back for a visit in 1993 - but havent been near the place since then.... alas, havent even been in Scotland for at least 7 years. :(

    They must be getting ready for 'Christmas Camp' - if that still happens - was always the same barracks we went to for that..... on that note, remember "A Corp's girl is for Christmas (Camp), not for life..." :lol:

    anyways - to save thread hi-jacking if there are any purely OTC matters, just drop a PM, be interested to hear how it has changed and so on.
  14. Now you know why I thought Redcap was rubbish - good looking bird regardless
  15. Plenty of naked men/inspections of men's arses. Not good, it needed much more of Tazmin's naked body! yum yum :twisted: