Taggart - What was that all about?

I feel a bit disturbed after watching Taggart tonight and the training regime that was in place at that fictional Scottish training unit. However, the 50 year old Sergeant did have a better office than George Bush. But he still ate in the cookhouse with plastic diggers!
CALL TAGGART THERES BEEN A MURRDERRR!! In a Scottish Gravel like voice... :lol:
Yeah saw the episode last night coulden't help notice a few inaccuracys...Sad i know, but if they are going to show this they must get the detail just right.. :lol:

1. Sound effects of the Rifle being fired..Sounded like it had a silencer on...Wrong

2. Was this a training camp or a regular camp? If a Sergeant walked into our room we certainly woulden't stand bolt rigid..More like pull up a chair fella,,,and get a cold one from the fridge.. :lol:

3. Web belts the guys were wearing..Wrong type..looked more like yank design..Wrong..Again..

4. Also the "The Rifle" was an A1 design saw the old type cocking handle..Again ..Wrong... :lol:

5. Who goes for a 5mile run in 95 rig complete..Cmon lose the shirt..

Surely these shows must have an Army liason on the show to guide and give an accurate description of Army life and equipment used, saying that am always shouting at the telly at that crap tv series "Ultimate Farce" :lol:

Your views peeps, did anyone else out there spot the mistakes..And more maybe... :lol:

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