Taggart ITV 2100 04/11/05

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dwills, Nov 4, 2005.

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  1. DRAMA:

    Do or Die.
    As the team begin to investigate a suspicious death at an army training camp, they find that civilian rules don't apply. Recruits are being trained for the demands of war zones where they must be prepared to kill or be killed, and information is given on a need to know basis only. Ross moves into the camp to try and understand the mentality of the trainees and the regime. But can he prevent more young soldiers being killed?
  2. Naebody move thurs been a murdeeeeeeer
  3. Maybe they should send Taggart to Iraq....

    Taggart "Theres been a Muuurrrrrder"

    Sidekick "Uhhhm actually Mr Taggart, We don't have a body, a death certificate, or any forensic evidence whatsoever, were not even sure if the victim actually existed in the first place, the main witnesses have confessed to perjury in order to get the $100 a day we've been paying them, and the alleged event happened just after a major conflict during which thousands died so even if we did find a body, whose to say it was the alleged victim?"

    Taggart " Looks like an open and shut case to me laddie, send for an MOD Spokesman!"
  4. Should be enough for Goldsmith to have a punt on....
  5. Its been cancelled, bugger.

  6. Saw an advert half hour ago for it....
  7. Probably something to do with this.
  8. Postponed till a later date!
  9. Yeah I was looking forward to watching it.
  10. Re Dozy Arab woman (is bint p.c.?)
    Off this topic but you may have heard about Operation Countryman. It was an enquiry into Met police misdeeds and was done by a 'country' force. It was billed as The Sweedy vs. The Sweeney. Met ran rings around them and it all came down much same was as the latest Deepcut saga.
  11. Yeah I was most disappointed that the episode was pulled.

    Anyway, Regarding Deepcut...what are your takes on the 'deaths'?
  12. One things for sure, Taggart won't be investigating it, he's been deeeeed a while now!!!