To all the 51(Scottish) Bde units, thanks ffor not sending anyone to do the extra TAFS2 w/e we had set up for you, 4-6 May, our lives were made much easier not having to run that w/e as well as the rest!, long may it continue to be the Trend, up to the last w/e before when you'll all panic & send a job lot in, then we'll just have to cancel that due to instrctor/student ratio.

Sweaty, welcome back!
I'm not back yet mate. Looks like the Bridge Troll is stopping my return.

GIRUY :roll:
Sweaty, It is only the Bridge Troll as far as I'm aware, 'the man' doesn't see a problem, the farmer hasn't commented, besides we're short of instructors!
I've heard that the Farmer does'nt have a problem. I'll have to wait out and see what happens. The worst thing about it is. It looks like BUNKER will be my replacement. 8O 8O 8O
I had heard storeis to that effect, god I hope not, the team is eagerly awaiting your return.....caustic comments set to malky.
Steamie-87 said:
Hi Sweaty does that mean i dont have to empty ur locker YET?
Just squeeze a turd through one of the air vents and then black nasty over the top to contain the smell.

Sweaty will love that one :wink:
It's a good job we've got metal lockers now kept us out for at least 10 minutes! We have been feeding it D ring pasties though.
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