• This is a stand-to for an incoming competition, one of our most expensive yet.
    Later this week we're going to be offering the opportunity to Win £270 Rab Neutrino Pro military down jacket
    Visit the thread at that link above and Watch it to be notified as soon as the competition goes live


To all the 51(Scottish) Bde units, thanks ffor not sending anyone to do the extra TAFS2 w/e we had set up for you, 4-6 May, our lives were made much easier not having to run that w/e as well as the rest!, long may it continue to be the Trend, up to the last w/e before when you'll all panic & send a job lot in, then we'll just have to cancel that due to instrctor/student ratio.

Sweaty, welcome back!
I'm not back yet mate. Looks like the Bridge Troll is stopping my return.

GIRUY :roll:
Sweaty, It is only the Bridge Troll as far as I'm aware, 'the man' doesn't see a problem, the farmer hasn't commented, besides we're short of instructors!
I've heard that the Farmer does'nt have a problem. I'll have to wait out and see what happens. The worst thing about it is. It looks like BUNKER will be my replacement. 8O 8O 8O
I had heard storeis to that effect, god I hope not, the team is eagerly awaiting your return.....caustic comments set to malky.
Steamie-87 said:
Hi Sweaty does that mean i dont have to empty ur locker YET?
Just squeeze a turd through one of the air vents and then black nasty over the top to contain the smell.

Sweaty will love that one :wink:
It's a good job we've got metal lockers now kept us out for at least 10 minutes! We have been feeding it D ring pasties though.
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