Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by moffet, Apr 4, 2006.

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  1. This subject must be chewed to pieces but ........what happnes at Tafs2??
    Any help or answers are appreciated...not that I am nervous or anything.... :wink:
  2. It’s your 2 week training.

    You march everywhere.
    NCOs yell at you at every opportunity.
    You get daily room inspections which you will never pass.
    You get the choice of the same 4 variations of meals for the 2 weeks, all of which bung you up and make you fart.
    You’ll do a BPFA which you MUST pass or you get RTU.
    You’ll learn map reading.
    You’ll learn how to handle your weapon safely and then you’ll be let loose on the ranges where you learn to shoot, then you learn to clean the feking thing and learn to hate it :D
    You’ll learn first aid.
    You’ll learn about NBC and then you’ll be given a treat in the form of a lung full of CS gas, this will result in you loosing what feels like several pints of bodily fluids from your eyes, nose, and mouth – you’ll learn to hate CS :D
    You’ll learn field craft.
    You’ll learn how to patrol, attack, and withdraw.
    You’ll learn the art of digging holes, LOTS of holes :D this you will also learn to hate.
    You will get blisters and you’ll be exhausted at the end of each day.

    It’s bags of fun :D
    Good luck.
  3. Hi Moffet.

    Ask your RRTT Staff for a Trg Programe. Either that Pm me your e-mail and I'll send you out a copy.

    Good Luck.

  4. ...Death by powerpoint... And perhaps a BPFA to wake you up (if you're lucky)!
  5. taffs 2

    train green
    more drill
    equall opertunities lessons
    webbing order and assembling
    bergan packing
    ironong your kit
    polishing boots

    oh and more drill

    hope it helps

  6. All depends where you do it really.
    TAFS 2 for the Nationally recruited RLC at Grantham is as Stevie says above. All done in 2 days. Your BPFA is the imprtant part. If you fail by a long way then you will have to go back to be retested before being allowed to attend your Recruits Course.
    As to how it works in other Corps and Regional types I am sure its a fairly common syllabus really. All very basic, plenty of drill and some kit care lessons plus the PT on the sunday are the key parts.
    Nothing to worry yourself over. You would have done your BPFA on the TAFS1 so you know exactly what to expect, so you should get in some pressups, sit ups and get running to ensure that you dont waste the weekend when you arrive.
  7. As for Stevie above but also

    where British Army is based & why.
    24 Hr Clock
    Phonetic Alphabet
    equal Ops/diversity
    Services & corps
  8. Smudger,

    in response to yours, all of the CMSR (TA) courses TAFS 1 & 2, Inf w/e's etc follow the same CTP as laid out by our lovely QMSI TA Validator. I wont name name will i????????????

    Therefore regardless of whether this is done at Grantham or a fine establishment such as the RTC (S) PH 1 TW it (should) follow the same programme.
  9. To add to Sads, should... but doesn't always, we had problems with ATRs either not teaching enough, too much or not at all until we had words with a nice man at land.....
  10. when i did my TAFS 2 back in October it was Drill, 'Dont be Ricky, Train Green!!' video, a video where a bloke shoots his best mate during a live firing exercise, drill, kit packing, badges and rank, bpfa, drill, and as we ran out of time we did more drill.
    have fun. you'l get to catch up on sleep.
    and a few people i did CIC with said they had a 23 SAS briefing on TAFS 2. i got mine on CIC, they can sure make UKSF look boring.
  11. FFS the have made a video about me now.

  12. you dug a hole and saht in it, the whole while you had your sword fighting face on. you filled the hoel and went about killing the enemy. then a squirell dug it up, got a disease and spread it.
    Dont be Ricky, TRAIN GREEN!!