Tafs 2 Weekend

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by SA80, Dec 26, 2005.

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  1. Hi all, Just a quick one. I've got my taf 2 weekend (previously taf 3) and i was wondering what to expect as as per usual no one has told us anything. Also does anyone know what fitness standards they are looking for because when i did taf 1 everything was just best effort.

    Thanks in advance.

    MOD Edit: Don't give out times and locations on ARRSE
  2. msr

    msr LE


    Ask your recruiting team for more info. That's their job.

  3. I did my TAFS 2 weekend about 6 months ago. The standard required was:

    - Push ups: 45 in 2 minutes
    - Sit ups: 50 in 2 minutes
    - 1.5 mile run: Under 12.5 minutes

    Good luck with it all 8)
  4. I did my tafs this year and they passed some total knackers who were walking on the run and could barely knock out a dozen pressups. I dont know if its like this on other courses, but if that is the standard i wouldnt worry too much about any of the fizz. Gets a lot stricter on cmsr tho so if you arent able to meet the standards monaro outlined you need to be before you book your course.
  5. If that is true then it's not the recruits who were the total knackers. Your suggestion not to worry too much about any of the fizz is possibly the worst advice I have ever seen on ARRSE. You do need to worry about it - you need informed advice as to how best to get to the required standard from whatever level you are at now (this must come from a qualified PTI who has eyes on - all that can be achieved in this forum is a repetition of the minimum pass standards).

    Speak to your recruit team - they should be able to tell you what you need to do.
  6. I quite agree that it was a disgrace that some of the recruits i mentioned passed the course. I personally made sure i was capable of passing all of the tests on the bpfa within the limits regulars are expected to complete them before i put in for my tafs courses. Perhaps i put i badly abacus, all i was trying to say is that there is no point loosing sleep over bpfa times before going on the tafs course. I presume from the fact that SA80 is asking what the required standards are, that he is planning to do the best he can on the tests.
  7. ^No worries browndog01. Personal opinion of mine is that we have reduced the standards to increase the intake at the front end but now that the vast majority of TA personnel can expect to be mobilised at least once during their career it is my believe that we need to get the standards back to where they used to be. Even if that means we need to increase the amount of pre CMS(R) training to do it.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    And be given the opportunity to off-load those who can't/won't make the grade.

  9. But previous standards aren't necessarily the right ones.

    When I joined, the selection weekend consisted of an early morning BFT, some lectures, weapon handling lessons on the SMG and SLR, the old BPFA tests (heaves, sit ups, dips, star jumps), a stretcher race and foot drill. A beer in the evening, and then the following morning another BFT, with a Weapon Handling Test for the SMG and SLR (and no warning that was coming either - certainly sorted out those who paid attention and those who didn't!). As I recall you had to either strip or reassemble the weapon. When you weren't being tested, you were part of the Squad being drilled.

    An interview, followed by PASS/FAIL.

    You could sack it at any time, and those few who did helped the chefs for the rest of the weekend to do the clearing away.

    And that was it.

    The remainder of the time before recruits course was spent with the RRTT wing, but there was no structured training, certainly nothing as organised as Recruit Training is now.

    I wouldn't necessarily say that the people during my Recruit phase lasted any longer with the TA than those who join today. I can certainly recall looking around the Drill Hall a few years later wondering what had happened to everyone, whereas now, the first couple of years of a recruits life is a busy one - it's keeping them once they're in the unit is the issue.
  10. I don't think you'll get any arguments from myself or msr on your final para Mr_R. Whether or not the standards are the right ones is a moot point. What matters is that there are standards and they should be the same for everyone on an equivalent course.

    If the typical intake is generally struggling with (whatever) the standard (is) WHY DO WE REDUCE THE STANDARD INSTEAD OF IMPROVING EITHER THE TRAINING OR THE TARGETTED RECRUITING EFFORT OR BOTH.

    Sorry for shouting :lol:
  11. But it's the issue that gets the older and bolder shouting, so you're not alone on that score.

    We reduce the standard because the RRTT are being told "Get out there and get me some recruits!" by the CO, who has one eye on his trained manpower, and the other eye on the overall size of his unit. Not enough recruits in the system and I do think the CO starts to get twitchy, as their Higher Formation start to ask questions.

    Personally, I've long been of the view that it's the trained manpower we should be worrying about. RRTT should be aiming for a better quality recruit, who can then go on to some worthwhile training that keeps them in longer.

    The current recruiting system of TAFS, and Closing the Gap etc, gives a recruit an interesting, and concentrated weekend, where for the most part, they are kept very busy. The weekends that follow when they're no longer recruits should be the same.
  12. msr

    msr LE

    Or not, as the case may be. Any CO worth his salt will be able to call the bluff of the Bdes: "Yes, one of my sub-units is poorly recruited, but that's because we have chopped out the dead wood". Tick in the box for decisive leadership. "Here's my plan, I estimate it will take two years to bring the sub unit up to strength". Tick in the box for pro-active recruiting efforts. Guess where he's going to be in two years time....

  13. I am, of course, a TA God. A BITGOD (Back In The Good Old Days).

    When I joined we had a selection weekend (which was a selection weekend, not a "sell the service" weekend) followed by 4 full w/es training at the end of which - if and only if the RRTT thought you were good enough - you got sent to your CMS(R). Back from the CMS(R) and the training continued withthe RRTT who were then responsible for initial trade training. I was B3 qualified within 6 months of joining the TA and from a purely mercenary point of view far, far more mobilisable than the equivalent 6 monther today.

    Of course, when I joined my Sqn was established for 160 personnel with a full complement of PS, NRPS and civilian admin. Were we ever 100% recruited or attended? Probably not but 80% of 160 lets you do a heck of a lot more than 80% of the 120 our Sqns have now. And who has ever seen attendance levels at 100% even without Tps away on mobilised service?

    IMO the way forward - and you can pull this thinking together from all the various strands in this forum on the subjects of recruiting and retention - is that Individual iunits continue recruiting for themselves, start to group together for far more combined recruiting initiatives and then allow the Regional Training Centres to train to a Common Standard. We are years away from being able to target and recruit sufficient numbers of exactly the right calibre of individual so until then we must redouble our efforts to recruit - feed more in at the front end and start to select out those who quite clearly can never be trained in.
  14. From time of joining to Recruits Course was about four months - I was fortunate enough to complete my Recruits Course in one leave year, and did my B3 a couple of months later.

    So in that sense, yes, I was deployable, but without the level of training that todays recruits get to.

    When you consider that Regular Army recruits get a couple of months Basic Training followed by their STA training, before they get shipped off on ops, I'd rather the TA went through the more intensive training regime it has now.

    And I too recall the days when the drill hall was packed - when we had three full-ish troops. But that's not been the case for some time now, and unless the Treasury release the purse strings, it's unlikely to reoccur in the near-future.
  15. msr

    msr LE

    If every tenth person in the TA brought in one quality recruit, the recruit training centres would be overloaded.

    The problem is that people are not held to account for the numbers, because the system is asking the wrong questions.