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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by sully_c, Feb 26, 2006.

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  1. Hi

    I'm due to go on my TAFS 2 training weekend next Friday (having not completed TAFS1 yet as this is later in the month!!)

    Any advice on what to expect would be really appreciated. In particular, when they call it a practice fitness assessment, am I to think that if you don't meet the necessary times/amounts that this is recorded and told to be worked on rather than getting the boot??

    Also, is the 13:00 for 1.5ml rule applied to women at this stage? Am I also to think that the requirements for TAFS2 sit ups is 50 and press ups 21?

    Sorry to ask so many questions, it's just that I only turned up to my local TA centre last week and to be told that i'm going away already makes me feel v underprepared fitness-wise.

    All advice very welcome. Many thanks
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  3. The Wiki page has all the fitness that you'll need. Apart from that you'll do a lot of lectures (Law of armed conflict, Train green, some other crap on what it means to be a soldier etc), foot drill, a lesson on how to take care of your kit and press it etc, some more foot drill, and other general lessons on how to assemble your webbing and boot care. The weekends are different where ever you go, but generally the'r not very taxing, hardest part being the BPFA. Where are you doing it?
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  5. Haha! Maybe on Weds then. I'll get sum more gubbins from the TAC first!

    T C
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    I'll hold you to that ;)

  7. RLC TAF's at Grantham

    General outline of TAF2 is:
    Arrival Friday night and Welcome Brief by the OC
    Programme content is:
    Entrance test (TGS) to determine trade availability
    Presentations/videos on trade, law of armed conflict, training green, health and safetly, equal ops
    Progressive drill from knowing nothing to marching and halting.
    DCCT is usually thrown in at the end of the day for some light relief while interviews are ongoing with the recruiting officers.
    Social evening in the NAAFI - your chance to talk to the DS about trades and what pubs are best.
    Sunday is the BPFA "attempt" For TAF2 its usually an eye opener. 1.5 mile run 9with .5 mile warmup) after your 2 mins of pressups and situps. The run is considered the most important. You are required to do it in I think 13:45 these days to be allowed to progress to TAF1.

    TAF 1 is more of the same but with more drill and some more green stuff. Half kit issue on Sat morning, BPFA again on sunday. If you dont get 13:45 this time, you will not be loaded onto a recruits course and will be required to attend TAF 2 again for a retest on the BPFA only.
  8. Nobody mention the change (back) to the 6 w/e's before CMS(R)! It'll frighten the natives...
  9. Just as a matter of interest, how are you going to do TAFS2 without having done TAFS1? I've done TAFS1 with two different regiments (as a result of raw enthusiasm), and while you'll probably be able to do it, you may be very behind with regards to your drill training. The two different TAFS I did were very different, one was much more orientated around drill, whereas the other one had lots of other physical activities other than the BPFA (including assault courses and command tasks). I didn't think you'd be allowed do TAFS2 before TAFS1.
  10. The_Green_Manalishi is absolutely right. You can't do TAFS2 without doing TAFS1. I'd advise you get on to the kit bags who run your recruiting team and politely inform them that you can't do TAFS 2 without doing TAFS 1 as it is a pre-requisite. At my unit we don't send people on TAFS2 without uniform either, so if you've only just joined in the last week, have they already issued kit and if so you've got some storeman working there!
  11. Ahhhh,
    Is this a Grantham TAFS' or somewhere else?
    If so, every other TAF weekend there is now a 3 dayer combined TAF 1 and 2. Starts friday night, finishes monday lunchtime.
    So if you are on the 3 dayer, you will be doing both elements of TAF1 and 2, with BPFA on the monday.
    This is specialist TA RLC only, although it appears other cap badges are sending their new guys and girls this way too for some bizarre reason!
    The purpose behind a combined event is to try and avoid the basic knowledge fade from 1 to 2 before your recruits course. It would appear that a lot of time is passing between people being able to go from TAF1 to 2 and this is an attempt to get new recruits through the sausage machine quicker.
    There are even "fast track" opportunities where people have been known to go TAFS1&2 combined one weekend, recruits course loaded asap, and from there immediately to Class3 trade course then back to their 8 day continuation...although I think only the Ration Ruiners have attempted this so far.