Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Methtical, Nov 21, 2006.

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  1. Greetings all, quick question.

    As a strapping recruit who only acquired his kit but a week ago, I was told that this week we would be getting told about dates for TAFS 1 and recruit training in general. Unfortunately I was unable to attend this evening due to unforseen circumstance, but I dont want to have to wait a whole week before finding out the details since I might need to plan in advance for the weekends etc.

    So, my question is basically is there anyway of me finding out said details via the internet or some other medium, because I thought of phoning the unit but thought that whoever answered the phone would probably not know the gorys about recruit training, or decide to beast me for not turning up to find out for myself.

    Thanks for reading,

  2. Sorry the only real solution is to call them, or send an email (don't rely on that though, it never seems to be answered when you need it). If the body at the end of the phone doesn't know suggest to them someone that might (whoever it was that you met, or the SPSI, PSAO or such like. I doubt anyone in the unit will beast you for not turning up the otherday if you couldn't make it - after all the TA in general is desperate for whatever recruits they can get (of the right standard, of course :D).
  3. Just phone in
  4. Lol, I was afraid that would be the only real solution. I had just figured the TAFS training would be a general rota type affair and that they might have the timetables an such available as PDFs to download or something.

    Thanks for the help.

  5. Methical,

    Can i ask where you are located?

    Phoning your unit should resolve your questions!
  6. Why were you afraid thats the only option? Are you really scared to talk to the Unit Clerks?

    TAFS are all similar things, but theyre not run centrally, and so the way yours is will be different to everyone elses.
  7. Just say you had a death in the family and you were grieving and therefore you couldn't make it.
  8. No, not scared, lol, just that I have had reason to call up before and whoever answered on the 2 or 3 seperate occasions couldnt really help me with general enquiries (it was related to medicals, but no specifics were asked) therefore I figured asking about training schedules etc would probably be asking a bit much.

    The only reason im keen to get said info is because I was attested almost 3 months ago, and only received my kit last week, and in that time the amount I have learned about what the hell im sposed to be doing or what happening is comparable to what I have learned about quantum mechanics related to einsteins theory of relativity, and im at a point now where i want to get on without having to wait yet another week to find out.

    Im trying not to turn this into a rant, an I expect to get replies saying that I should chase this up etc, but every week we are told that theres shuffling around taking place and they are re-structuring this and that blah blah blah. But since the first time I walked into the office to have a chat with the officers was back in early July, and its now late november and to be honest I havent really seen any progress, its somewhat disheartening

    My overall point is, I cant see how many people would stick around this long without actually doing anything constructive before deciding they had made a mistake and saying cheerio. Im the persistant type myself, and my intentions to Join the TA still hold strong, but I can see how most people would think "sod this", and perhaps is not the best example since it would appear that recruitment and retention could be improved.

    With that said, I expect to get quite a few retorts, so please feel free to comment.

    Thanks for reading,

  9. What's the unit? Mine is restructuring having just re-rolled but Im off on TAFS this weekend...
  10. Waiting July to November isnt very long. I first filled in my papers in January and didnt get a reply until July - then i had a few problems with my medical which put me back even further so i didn't start doing my TAFS until the end of August. Even then we had a months wait between TAFS 1 and 2. This meant i didn't finish TAFS until late september/early october. All together thats 9 months. GAPS was even worse as i could not make one of the four weekends due to my sister getting married so i dont start them until the middle/end of January.

    As i said waiting from July to November isnt very long.

    P.S. The reason for the long wait between filling in my papers and hearing back from the TA was because i live in northern ireland and when i first walked in they said it could be six months before i heard anything :x
  11. Although TAFS1 is not run at a cental location, i.e. RTCs they all follow the same programme, or they should do according to Land.

  12. Our RTC runs TAFS or whatever they call it now
  13. Unit is 202 Field hospital,

    Nibloke, guess you beat me on that score, quite ridiculous having to wait 9 months just to get to that point, I mean, I have heard it said that its not unreasonable to be a TA qualified soldier within 12 months.

    Im just hoping something gets sorted real soon as its quite frustrating to turn up each tuesday to be told I cant do much since I've had no training etc.

    That said, I was speaking to my bro who has been in the forces for about 7-8 years and told him about some of my concerns. His reply?

    "welcome to the forces bro"


  14. Forgive me, as previously stated my armed forces knowledge is zero, but what does RTC stand for??
  15. I may be wrong, not for the first time, but doesn't TAFS1 involve unit histories? therefore it should be run at unit /sub unit level with the RTC running TAFS2.