Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by nufc_rulz, Aug 3, 2005.

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  1. What sort of things can i expect to do on TAFS 1 ???
  2. Health and safety
    Badges of Rank
    24 hour clock
    Phonetic alphabet
    Countryside code

    and a couple of other things that have slipped my mind.
  3. do you get issued with all your kit?????
  4. Death by power point, lectures, and plenty of drill.
    It’s the worst part of your training, very boring.
    The fun begins when you start TAF2.
  5. You really should already have your kit, if my memory serves.
  6. I didn’t get issued all my kit until I was due to start TAF2 as you don’t need it until then, officially your not allowed to come out and play on weekends until you’ve completed TAF2.
  7. Officially.........
  8. Things to expect on TAFS 1:

    entrance test
    career choices
    pay & allowances
    equal oppportunities
    badges of rank
    intro to fieldcraft and map reading
    trade interviews
    Intro to PT (Sunday morning)

    Are you going to Grantham? if so you might be lucky and get me or one of my laid back escort staff from the AT sqn, then again you might get one of the power mad Cpls/Lcpls.
  9. yeh im going to grantham. 10th september
  10. Thought about what trade you want to do yet?
  11. i have had some thoughts maybe ammo tec or pioneer but im not really sure whats the best and what id be able to do.
  12. The Ammo tech trade (my trade) is probablly the most challenging and technically demanding trade in the RLC. You will need to get a score of between 1 and 10 to qaulify, so you would ned to work hard on your test. We look for mature people that can think on their feet in high stress/pressure situations, especially when they are being tested for Class 1 operators, and will be running task's themselves.

    As for the pioneer's, from what we were hearing from the recruiting staff on the last TAFS weekend was that the pioneers were not recuriting at the moment.

    If you are thinking about the Ammo Tech trade, dont worry if you have no experience, as we would train you for the trade.

    If it sounds like a trade that might appeal, let me know and I will PM you some more info.