Taffy Paddy Jock Krauts...

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by JWRRC318, Apr 24, 2009.

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  1. So, here's I, being bored and wondering to meself about random crap; why do men love **** so much and how they fail to disgust me even when they munch on turd flecks in an attempt to please women, how much that bint from The Bill yesterday looked like a rat, and also how did Paddy, Taffy and the Jocks get their nicknames?

    Enlighten me please fellas...
  2. Taffys live near the river Taff,
  3. Jock because it rhymes with sweaty-sock and they all have them.
  4. Paddy is a diminutive of Patrick, a common name round those parts, I would think.

    Jock is a shortened version of Jockinese :bow:
  5. And what does jockinese mean?!
  6. How is this not in NAAFI?

    Are you having a blonde moment?
  7. Nope, I just can't help being a mong! Sorry!
  8. JWRRC318,

    Please enlighten us all on the origins of the word 'fella's'?


  9. Jock because it's how some Scots pronounce John.
  10. *ahem* well, there are two myths surrounding this, the first is that fellow means someone who is an equal, or a comrade, the term fellow is also used to describe a man, particularly by those in the upper social classes. A fellow is often part of an elite group of people (ie the male species), and has since been chavetised into 'fella' however it still has the same meaning.
    The second of the two is that when a football match is on the woman (as they should) will bring her man and his mates a 'goodfellas' pizza and a beer (which is to be refilled as soon as it's looking empty), the term 'fella' is derived from this because when bitching about their husbands they say 'oh its only a fella night again today!'
    So there you are!
  11. You're bored and just being naughty aren’t you?
    Do you want punishing :wink:
  12. Or of 'Padraig', the Gaelic Patrick.
  13. Or there's the Arabic fellah
  14. The ones with a speech impediment?
  15. Almost right bachgen... :lol:

    It's the AFON TAF...or for the linguistically challenged amongst us the AVON TAV - cos ONE 'F' in Welsh is said as a 'V'

    So to the English - it's the River Taf - & THEY say it as if it had 2 bleedin' 'F's... :D

    BUT - cos their idle buggers - it's now accepted that it's said as the River TAFF - and them as what lives alongside o' it - as TAFFIES - see ?

    It has since spread to include ALL WELSH Persons....from Norf - Sarf - Eest
    and West - but I'm a Cardi... :D :D