TAFFS 1A - What can be expected

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by chemystery, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm on TAFFS 1A this weekend and wondered if anyone could expand on what can be expected. Recruiting staff have just said that it's an introduction into Army life and to gauge compatibility.

  2. Was going to start a thread simular, so just thought i'd tag a few more questions to this one! Hope thats ok Chem.
    Going to the shot for a two week TAFFS A and B.

    Same question as above really, just extended slightly to include the B as well.

    Even better if someone were to be going there as well on the same course!

    PM me if you are!
  3. TAFFS 1A? There is no TAFS anymore. Replaced by CMSR Phase 1A / 1B / 1C.

    I instruct on 1A and 1B training. All I suggest is that you turn up and enjoy it. Keep your head down, chin up, give it bags of effort and you'll be fine. As for what to expect... speak to your relevant recruiting staff and they'll fill you in. Although there is a common syllabus, delivery can vary from unit to unit.
  4. Blueflossy.. i will be on that also.. then doing ex summer challenge.
  5. So have you been told much of what is going to happen! I'm not doing the summer challenge but one of the other girls from my squadron is!
  6. TAFS1 & 2 = CMS(R)1a, at least up here they do, after that 1b 4 or 7 w/es then CIC or ATR for part 1c.

    So they got a little confused, that's not surprising as RRTT do as well.

    The scarey thing is there are only 2 more TAFS2 w/es left before SC 07 starts, so all the paperwork & kit had better be in hand RTUs abound.
  7. Basic stuff really. They'll take you through military law, countryside code, putting webbing together. Its powerpoint overload.
    You'll also be expected to do 1.5 mile run and pressup/sit up 2 min tests.
  8. Point on that. Is anybody in posession of a presentation for "The Country Code". I am still unsure why this is relevant at this level of training, but it's on the common syllabus so we gotta teach it.

    We've cobbled together a Powerpoint presentation - but to be completely honest, it ain't much cop!

    Any help greatly apreciated.
  9. one weekend of introductions to army stuff, attestations, drill, kit stuff and a rather intrusive medical. you will love it.
  10. The scarey thing is there are only 2 more TAFS2 w/es left before SC 07 starts,

    doese this mean the weekend of the 29TH is a tafs weekend the same as last year?
    then they all go to inverness on the sunday
  11. 1 alpha isnt that bad, hardest part is staying awake during powerpoint and the likes, drill is good if you like that kinda thing, done mine at altcar, training staff were great good laugh firm but fair n all that, you will do bit of skill at arms, drill, pft,s values standards, country code ect ect , drill is the hardest but corp who takes it knows his s**t and is spot on and WILL HELP if you ask, ( prob be callin you a wan**er in the rose all nite later like but thats how it is, basicly enjoy and learn and you will be fine ( thats if your at altcar) as for the other camps...............hell on earth mate .hell on earth!!
  12. Well i just had my TAFFS 1 and 2...and basically its alot of drill, marching, death by power point, more drill and even more drill. You will have a 1.5mile run on the first weekend in which you need to get under 14mins.
    2nd weekend you will do bleep test and basically more drills, powerpoint etc.

    best thing to do is enjoy yourself, dont be a cocky tw@t, and give ur all on the PT and you will do well.

    Put it this way....i enjoyed it soo much im soo looking forward to 1b in a fornights time :)

    Oh yea...take an iron coz more then likely u will probably be only one with one
  13. Prepare for beer. Take a few choccy bars etc for your NAAFI breaks aswell as you only get fed 3 times a day, I got very hungry on mine. Don't be a knobber. It's only in introduction, some bits maybe tedious but on the whole you should enjoy it.

    I would say good luck......But you won't need it!
  14. I'm 90% sure of a TAFS2 on the 29th, but I'll get back toyou with confirmation, like you say, it happened last year & we know what a great success that was! Wait out........
  15. Weekend seven for me on the 29th so sounds correct.