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Greetings folks

I'm in with the scottish Royal Engineers TA (time served electrican).. and ive got my TAFFS 1 this weekend and 2 the weekend after..

the problem lies in that i get back from the sandpit 36 hours before i'm due to leave the unit so i miss my unit night (tonight)

I'll be phoning my Sgt and asking, but i thought id ask here,

What kit do i need to bring with me, do i need to sign anything out (can possibly be done on thurs as i'm passin from airport)

what can i expect, and whats expected of me for both weekends?
Have you not been given a kit list?
You need PT kit, CS95 jacket, trousers, combat jacket, socks. boots, bel, beret etc. Washing and shaving kit.

Boths TAFS are basically an indoctrination into the Army so you get loads of videos, presentions about equal oportunities, drugs etc, you'll do a PT on both weekends as well as and gym session each weekend.

Take beer money as well.
cheers for that.

I would have been given a kit list, had i been attending the last 3 weeks (well 4 if you include tonight) of Unit nights... but i've been out in the middle east so ovbiously couldnt make it.

Phoned in tonight, and spoke to my Sgt for all of 30 secs, he then announced he'd phone me on thursday night, once i'm back in blighty to talk about it.

What i was given as basic issue was socks, PT kit beret, belt, goretex, C95 shirt and trousers, a heavier jacket (i'm assuming this is what your calling combat jacket) and a cup, no mess tins or anything.

Would i normally need to sign anything out the stores, ie doss bag etc?

beer money i can do... god i'm dyin on a beer now!
No, just take what you have been issued, you won't be doing anything military apart from a load of drill which i forgot to mention before!!

The good stuff starts on Part 1B and you should get a huge kit issue before then.
ok, cheers for the info bud

While i'm at it, does anyone know if there is a way to fasttrack the training, ie, do it all at once rather than dribs and drabs. cos i'm sure i could sell it to my employer that it would be more benifical if i took a couple of weeks of to get through the part before the 2 week section, rather than weekends here and there, as that would allow them to send me overseas without the need for having to fly me back for weekends..
Depending on if you can get on one you can do these 'summer challenges' which range from 4 to 7 weeks from what i can gather where you do your phase 1A, 1B and C all blocked up together. I am doing one lasting 5 weeks in june where we do all our training plus a weeks advernture training in the middle. Try asking your sergeant or have a look on here to see if there would be one applicable to yourself. hope that helps bud
Excluding TAFFs 1 and 2 some Regiments/Battalions, such as 5RRF, are running a phase 1 on their 2-week annual exercise. I believe there are also some run at places like Grantham but you'd have to check.

I guess it will all depend on how good your PSI is though.
i done my taffs in feb..2 week cmsr in march..we then had our gap training in August over three weekends. i did try to get the gap training done in one week at granthem but my psao wasnt that keen on booking it for me. cant remember the reason he gave for it. as for kit issue you will get a boot full of kit prior to cmsr and the training staff for taffs will sort you out doss bags and camp beds when you get there...enjoy yourself bud
lemonsuckas said:
the training staff for taffs will sort you out doss bags and camp beds when you get there...
Not at 51(Scottish) Bde RTC we don't.
you don't bring a sleeping bag, you don't stay.
FFbox, read and replied. many thanks!

I have thought about summer challenge, but i dont think my boss would let me have 7 weeks... within the firm, i'm pretty much the only one that can do my job (programming and software) so to lose me for 7 weeks i dont think he could hack... sod him when it comes to mobilisation... he can go and jump...

I'll speak to my sgt when i get back, and see what the SP is... cos i want to get through my basic asap and get my stable belt and start being of some use to the unit..
ffbox..you must need some new staff up there..i suppose it was easier for ours to sig them out in bulk on 1033 and then pass them to us. although one of our recruits would have been better off going home. he wanted to shoot all prisoners of war for no reason whatsoever
I've always thought sleeping bags, along with PLCE is a personal issue, but I think I know what RTC you were at.

Just think, the person who had the sleeping bag issued to you at the RTC could have had any sort of skin lergie..... no reflection on you Bruce.
so thats what those marks were after that first weekend..we didnt need the plce for taffs. was glad to get my own issued though after it had been cleaned....once or twice
Should have had PLCE for TAFS2 how else were you taught Packing & Prep of PLCE?

One of my many pet peeves is ill fitting webbing, you should have been shown how to put it together when first issued it at your unit, then on TAFS2 what to pack , how to pack it & where it goes. There are variations on a system, we tend to have to show how it goes together again & spend the available time sorting that out, packing the bergan is done proior to deploying on w/e 3.
ours was just a demo of how to pack it and where. also what gucci kit was good to have.ill fitting webbing is also a gripe with me.you should have seen some of our recruits efforts. as for bergan packing that was left to cmsr to teach that. us ex regs had a good idea of where we wanted our stuff to be. our webbing was crap issued the basic pouches and had to buy a few extra to make life easier
Being a pedant here, there's no point in having a good idea where things go, there is a packing list in the PAM that states what goes where, you should be taught that, then after your first w/e in the field(combat camping) on w/e 3 you can be shown alternative packing lists, there's a good one in the FAQ link.

As to buying stuff,again w/e 3 only suggestions should be small torch, tent pegs, midgie net, depending on local conditions & lighters. What happens if you spend loads of dosh then bin it?

rant over......into standby mode
there is no real point in following a packing list because each csm/badge will have a different idea to what method he wants his troops to follow so it changes every so often. as long as you can put your hands on your stuff and know where everything is.

bought stuff never wasted..always sell it on to the sprogs that follow
I agree, but you still should have been taught by the PAM, as that will quite possibly be how the ATR wants it, by the book.

There is a valid reason for packing lists that isn't anally retentive, not for you to be able to find it but someone else to.
Other examples of following lists, albeit Unit SOPs; FFDs, Morphine, CBRN Combi pens, vehicle stowage, so the crews are interchangable.

Saying all that then shooting myself in the foot, we don't follow a packing list as DS, just what ever goes, including 2Kgs of rocksalt, coat hangers etc....

phone call on fri mornin off my Sgt to say this weekends TAFS1 had been sacked as someone hadnt realised it was a bank holiday weekend. now i dont know if that means it was sacked due to lack of intrest or what... but i'll ifnd out on tues...

little peeved with it, cos TAFS was the reason i flew back from the sandpit early...

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