Taff Wars

Has anyone else sampled this site or seen the video's on youtube?

check it: www.taffwars.com

Definitely squaddie humour, well worth a look
Most of the blokes in my regiment have seen them. Since these started coming out I feel a bit more comfortable greeting some of my non Welsh collegues as "Ow' Butt" The weird thing is that I have even heared a Scouser and a Fijian using some of my South Wales Valleys colloquialisms. Mind you I did point out to them "If I catch ew takin' the pi$$ out of the way I talk again I will fcukin' slam ew Butt"
Check out episode 16. Dai likes em big.

PMSL over and over!
The latest one made me wee, "Shut it Gogofett!"

For those not of a Taff persuasion a Gog is what us South Wales Valley boys call North Aliens.

Best Quote from the rest I think is between

"This sheep is fuckin' bumpin'"


"Roiders are like the sun, big, orange and you dont stare for too long"

Link by yer like

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