Taff Wars

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sparky8, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. Has anyone else sampled this site or seen the video's on youtube?

    check it: www.taffwars.com

    Definitely squaddie humour, well worth a look
  2. fucking dead right!
  3. It won't work on my pants MoD PC.
  4. Most of the blokes in my regiment have seen them. Since these started coming out I feel a bit more comfortable greeting some of my non Welsh collegues as "Ow' Butt" The weird thing is that I have even heared a Scouser and a Fijian using some of my South Wales Valleys colloquialisms. Mind you I did point out to them "If I catch ew takin' the pi$$ out of the way I talk again I will fcukin' slam ew Butt"
  5. Buy your own farking glue!
  6. Jebus I actually think the lasses in Lllanelli were uglier!
  7. Just watched episode 18 and now have my wife looking at me wondering if she will have to commit me!
  8. "Ow thats me fuckin wankin arm " ep 3 :lol: class
  9. jebux if yer waniking is that bad I hope the baby jebus saves you butt!!
  10. Just sat and watched a half dozen very very funny!
  11. Check out episode 16. Dai likes em big.

    PMSL over and over!
  12. Pure fcuking class :clap: :boogie:

    I'll have to watch the others when I'm not at work.
  13. The latest one made me wee, "Shut it Gogofett!"

    For those not of a Taff persuasion a Gog is what us South Wales Valley boys call North Aliens.

    Best Quote from the rest I think is between

    "This sheep is fuckin' bumpin'"


    "Roiders are like the sun, big, orange and you dont stare for too long"

    Link by yer like