TAF1 Question


I couldnt find this anywhere and its only a simple question so im not suprised.

Im going on TAF1 with 218 sqn this weekend just wondered if this is a camp with just recruits or whether this is a training camp for soliders allready in the TA and im just along to see what its like?

Also i know to expect physical training with a test, administration about the army, drill, NBC, introduction to weapons and assault course but is there anything in particular i should be aware of?



TAFS1 at Grantham a few weeks ago was a mixed training weekend with new recruits, TAFS1 and 2 and others as well.
We did PT (you'll do a PFT, 1.5 mile run, 2 mins of press ups and 2 mins of sit ups), drill and had various lectures. Certainly no weapons, NBC, assault course or anything interesting like that!!
Bear with the Bullsh@t for now, It will get better/more interesting as you progress. As I have repeatedly pointed out to my own chain of command, I would much rather recruits ( volunteers ) like you want to get hands on with the kit tired and Muddy - after all that probably why you joined? to test yourself?

Unfortunately the elf and safety idiots want to make soldiering into a leisure activity hence the training teams are quite restricted with what they can do with you at first. Trust me It will get more challenging but I hear your frustration. Best of Luck. :pale:


Just got in from TAFS2. Kit is issued as part of tafs1 so turn up in whatever civvies you fancy. Tafs2 is more of the same, drill,pt, vidoes etc. The good stuff doesn't start till part 1b!!