TAF Weekend

Am due to attend a TAF selection weekend at the end of February in Clapham. Any advice or information regarding the format or what to expect would be gratefully received.

Many thanks
Bring a sense of humour, but leave any attitude at home.

Expect some vulgarity, the odd bit of bad language and some shouting.

Dont forget its to see if the TA like you, as well as to find out if you like the TA.

looks like we'll be on the same course. Are you part of the esteemed DEPO cadre? I just had the first 'introduction to basic' on Tuesday. have you recieved any kind of format on the weekend, or just time/date/place? :roll:
sarnian said:

looks like we'll be on the same course. Are you part of the esteemed DEPO cadre? :
"Esteemed" appears to be in the same sentance as "DEPO".

I am sure your instructors ( who will not have heard of this site ) await you with open arms.

The experience of DEPO i've had runs to two hours. Two hours isn't enough to make any sort of judgement whatsoever - 'esteemed' was trying to reflect the way crowsh*t like us (being pre-recruit civvies) are seen by the guys on these forums, whether we are OTC, DEPO etc. It seems the rare bod is one who realises that everyone has to start from the beginning.
Of course, BravoBravo, if you are one of my instructors, then all that's left for me to do is swallow my foot, put my hands over my ears and await a b*llocking on tuesday...

Dont worry, there are some good guys on the RRTT.

Even I was a crow once: most of the DS also.

Enjoy the TAFS, and get fit. Sense of humour essential, but remember your two ears, one gob ratio.
Did mine in Clapham a few months ago. As already said - keep your sense of humour. If your a Detapo try and make it look like you want to stand out a little but without being dominating! Good luck with Phase 1 - weve been the guinnea pig group and its been a bit of a bumpy ride.....im guessing you go out of Handel Street??
I shall look forward to meeting you. Please ensure you are able to do lots of press ups, sit ups and run very fast as well as remaing enthusistic and remembering you are not even really a potential officer but are a recruit with aspirations who might one day be allowed to be put forward for a comission :twisted:

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