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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by lgnd-bev, Feb 3, 2010.

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  1. is ther anyone on the TAE from this friday to saturday in edinburgh ???

    And you will be no doubt wondering why im posting this lol....I have passed selection to join the regulars in november, and my recruiter gave me a call last week and offerd me that i join the TA untill a place comes up for training at catterick, so i am pleased cause its a start and i will have a bit of experience when i eventualy ( round about october time) get to training full time :)
  2. TA Experience?
    No, who is running it and is it at Redford?
  3. 6 SCOTS ??? nowt to do with us...we are having another in March..date TBC..
  4. yeah forgot to mention that i have to go to [MOD edit: Nothing quite like posting future movements and timings in a public forum, you moron.]
  5. yeah TA experience, 6 scots is running it and yupp its at redford mate
  6. er MOD the last one was run with an Ads in the Scottish press about two weeks before...no OPSEC issues here, or i would not even mentions March...
  7. Its gonna be full this w/e then!
  8. in your office?...LOL seems very full of people there...
  9. sugar sorry about that ! never thought :oops:
  10. Aye dont I know it. TAE is gonna be fun just spoken to ************at A coy......usual 6 Scots Admin, so the experience will be authentic!
  11. What? so they get a free bottle of buckie and 5 fags for turning up.....we did one last Nov up at Barry the top end of 6 turned up for a look, my Gaffer was the lead on this...

    hope it goes well..pity we never got an invite to send troops, we opened ours up to them... :cry: