Tactics to seduce your other half in to same sex lezzer session

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bitterandtwisted, Dec 11, 2011.

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  1. Right gents. Been scratching my head, thinking about the silver tounged cavaliers on here must know some ways of how to convince your partner in to having a threesome, with either one her mates or some slag youd love to nail.

    Whilst you are pumping her mate she can duly fiddle with your nads and give you some serious anal rimming.....

    So gents tell tales of your win wins so I can fucking give it a go... I have bummed 2 sisters for the record but they didnt know about each other - till the shoes came flying down the stairs at me many years ago, as I ran out the door in sunny swilly in plymouth.... So I admit I a 3 some virgin..... by the way fucking paying for it doesnt count....

    Over to you.....
  2. This is as close as I've been to the all time male fantasy:

    Years ago a mate from the SQN organised a house warming party. The usual invites including some WRAAC's (err.....female soldiers) which we knew to be unit 'groupies', anyway stupid me takes along the then unmarried missus. Lots and lots of drinkies, food, music et al, finally the missus says it's time to go home so off I take my drunken arse.

    On the Monday at the SQN all ready for PT me mates from the house warming party come over to me and start taking the piss, telling me why did I leave so soon? "Because the fucking missus said so you fucks." Turns out that M**** and B*** were sober enough to con G** and S***** into putting on a 'show', after which they had their horrid little ways with said chicks.....seems like M**** likes his toes to be sucked.

    That is my tale of woe, so close but yet so far away. Even today I still think about what could of been.
  3. Ah the reverse psychology trick.....
  4. I had a Thai friend live here for six months. I'm not sure how I convinced the other half but it was memorable. Three in a bed for six months was fun but a bit tense at times.
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  5. The good lady works with a lesbo couple and when they are out drinking one of them always tries it on with the missus when she is smashed. Recently me and the other half of the couple were on the piss together and she drunkenly admitted she finds me attractive. Im trying to figure out how to get a foursome working without 3 women killing eachother
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  6. Aye, and while you're at it - let her ask her mother over for the weekend.
  7. ...and now I hate you.
    Lucky twat, I've only ever had a 'devils threesome'.
    Still, a spitroast is better than nothing, i suppose.
    My missus does have a friend who's an 'ex- lesbian', whatever that is, so maybe, one day...
  8. Nothing to be jealous about as its all on the hush hush the one who likes me doesnt know her missus likes mine and my missus doesnt know that one is curious about my skin flute.
  9. Why, FFS? Deprive yourself of the much sought-after 'Lezzer Threesome Cross and Necro Bar', with no whinging and recriminations afterwards? You bender :)
  10. No guarantee im invited into the lesbo sesh thats why
  11. You need a missus who was psychologically and emotionally scarred by an ex-husband, who does anything you suggest out of well-learned habit. Then seek out one or more 'I'm scared I'm losing my looks and my husband has lost interest in me and I desperately need to have my self-confidence boosted by having a man show me some attention' part-time concubines. Then just politely suggest it.

    Works for me anyhow.
  12. Your missus monitors your internet use?

    Does she sew your mittens onto the ends of your coat sleeves in Winter as well?
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  13. What the fuck does an invite have to do with it?
  14. You could try the guilt-trip: "You know, if you really loved me, you'd do it"

    Let us know if it ever works.
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  15. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

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