Tactical Vest, Load Carrying MOLLE, Desert DPM, 14 pouches

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by wildcard.rgbw, Jan 12, 2010.

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  1. Got my hands on a few of these brand new sealed in the packet modular vest sets which come with an array of pouches
    Made from quick drying IRR proofed nylon cordura

    Main vest features horizontal MOLLE strips to which pouches can be placed.
    Comes with:
    3 Utility Pouches
    1 Small Utility Pouch
    1 Water Bottle Pouch
    1 Medical Pouch
    1 Knife/Torch Pouch
    2 40mm Grenade Pouchs
    2 SA80 A2 Ammo Pouches
    2 AP Grenade Pouches
    1 Helmet Bag Pouch

    Front zip access to the lining, with internal pistol holster on one side
    Grab handle at the top of the vest
    Loads more fixing points at the pack if you want to modify the load out by having more 40mm pouches on the front.
    Fastex clips at the rear to attach the camelback.

    Can e-mail pics
    Paypal, cheque, bank transfer or cash if you prefer to collect from Reading area

    £50 + £8 postage via Royal Mail
  2. When am i going to get the jackets???
  3. Buyers beware!! I payed for 2 jackets from this seller in Nov 09 and have been chasing him ever since. At first he replied saying he was having problems with sizes etc... Then a bad foot and now he just doesn't reply even though i know he is reading my messages. I am now in contact with the sites administrators and police in order to get some justice. He thinks he is untraceable but leaves a big trail of who he is, where he goes to cadets/TA etc... I have given him plenty of opportunities to rectify this situation but he has not taken any of them. Wilcard.rgbw is a thief!
  4. Are you referring to the desert ones? Not seen mine either.
  5. Well done Wildcard, got yourself quite a reputation.

    Is your unit aware of your dodgy dealings...?
  6. especially, when you get to theatre, you can have as many as you need....FREE!