Tactical Sammich(sic)

Ideal for those who can't speak English and like stale food. Bargain at $6(prolly $12 if procured by MoD)

The world's failure to end as predicted last weekend may have left many survival shelters overstocked, but if there's still a little space on the bunker shelf you might want to consider expanding your rations smorgasbord with the Tactical Sammich. Available in Pepperoni or BBQ Beef, the Tactical Sammiches have a claimed shelf life of over two years if maintained at 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26.7 degrees Celsius) or less.
Source: Gizmag
Do NOT buy the bacon. A Buddy had it one day mailed to him and we tried it.

Should be dumped with Osama in the deepest part of the ocean
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