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Tactical Recognition Flashes in all their glory.

Been a lot of chat recently about the TRF, what it is, when it's due to come in and why etc...

We've seen and been told nothing at my Regt (or i wasn't listening) but i've found this which has recently been uploaded. Thought it might help, it's worth a chuckle. First time I've seen our nice multi coloured effort.

Tactical Recognition Flashes
They're all lovely. I particulary like the fact that the "Joint" NBC Regiment has different flashes for the Army and the RAF though!
I think they are all completely pointless.

However did we manage before? 8O

I have a beret and a stable belt for in camp.

On exercise does it really matter?

In a tank = tankie
In a truck with stores = loggieI
In a fcuking huge amphibious metal box = Engr
Nice and warm and dry in a 4 tonner = Signals

Its not hard is it?
Paoli said:
They're all lovely. I particulary like the fact that the "Joint" NBC Regiment has different flashes for the Army and the RAF though!
And What about the TA element of the Joint NBC Regiment.

We currently wear the RAF TRF....


General Melchett said:
How will the amalgation of the Infantry Regiments affect TRFs?
I noticed they've already ommitted some of the regiments, for example the RGBW from the list. From the way the Army is going with badges the amalgamated regiments will probably wear all the badges from the original units on their sleeves - making it so that it will no longer be possible to roll up sleeves for summer order.
As most Signals, Gunners and Engineers only get a single TRF maybe the Infantry will just get a single design for all regiments.

Afaik in WW2 Infantry wore one red bar for the first brigade in a division, 2 for the second and three for the third. These being worn on the arm under the Divisional insignia.

But it is unlikely the Regiments will accept the same anonymity as the Corps units have. Right now they are probably sorting out their new cap badges etc. and will get around to TRFs later.

Maybe there will be one TRF per regiment, or perhaps one per division (Queens, Kings, Light, Scottish, PoW) as the Household troops share one TRF.
I agree with Andyb

I have a piccy of mer doing something war'ry and although its a normal sized photo the TRF stands out like a dogs cock
Combat 95 gives you an epaulette to put your rank on, so we don't have to sew anything on to the arms, then Lo and Behold, some nutter decides to ressurect all the boy scout badges that had dwindled away. Cap badge and stable belt should do it, but what would I know.

Corps policy - TRF's = Issued free.
Corps policy - name tags = Buy your own
Corps Policy - Swing mount medals = free
Corps policy - Court mount medals from now on = Pay yourself

Personal Choice - buy my own boots - Not Corps policy can't wear them.
Go on tour - get Issued boots that I wasn't allowed to wear.

Madness I tell you.

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