Tactical Recognition badge.....identifing?

Can anyone point me in the direction of a good website, that gives pics of all the TR badges, I`m trying to ID one, but I can`t seem to find which regiment it comes from, its thin black thick green thin black.

Anyone got any ideas?
Sounds like the Royal Welsh TRF, don`t think its readily available yet, hence your problem in identifing it. I`ve seen one on Ebay recently, if that helps any? Because the Regiment is so new all the stuff relation to it is really hard to get hold off, rank slides & the like. Their getting a new cap badge soon as well!
I think I`m right in saying that they used to use this one when the were the Royal Welsh Regiment, but since the became the Royal Welsh, they`ve dropped the dragon & added another blue band under the green one? Can anyone else shine any more light on this?


sounds like 3 royal welsh possibly
Cheers Sticky, thats the one!! So its just 3 Royal Welsh that have this one then?

I assume that 1 & 2, use the dragon one?
As far as i know the 2 regular battalions use different dragon trf's to denote 1st or 2nd battalion.
Cheers Sticky. Anyone any idea which one has which?

Also can anyone tell me if either battalion has a PRI shop, and how can I contact them?

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