Tactical Comms Wing

Is that not as professional as 264/SB or not as professional as 30 or 21 ?

Don’t they have a number of para trained bods and regularly work with all the SF units ? I heard that that the booty's asked for TCW to replace 21 in Norway. Not quite up to scratch. This is going back to about 96 I think ?
TCW - The RAF when deployed need comms back to Blighty.

TCW - provide said comms plus a bit !!.

Serving with some ex TCW - they all hate it. It means time away from the UK, in places no good crab wants to be seen. Also as they are not Fly-boys "They have to stay on the ground" no hotels with mini bar for them.
Know one who had to go into Afganistan on D+1. He hated it.

Mind he is from Cornwall (six fingered git).

In reality a lot are single and like the work and are good at it. 'H.F.' very good, quite scary . Nearly as good as the Sigs in the early 80ies.

The others are ; Well in the
TCW are - or certainly used to be - a country mile from 30 Sigs, can't comment on how they shape up along side 264.

The RAF's deployable strategic Communications Unit. If memory serves me they attend a two-week course (Brutus or some such name) to bring them up to a very basic level of soldiering skill. If any of them are para-trained it certainly didn't involve P Company and they were best when working out of an air-conditioned Hotel.

That said, they were technically well trained and competent.

All of the above from observations made about 10 years ago, they might have to pass selection or doing something heroic to get in now but I doubt it.


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Having worked with them, and 21, and 30 (and 264) and in a Joint HQ (SHF (JHC)), I can tell you that they are good at their tactical tasks, but poor as tacticians. That said, they are not trained like soldiers, so do well under the circumstances.

Remember once when on ops, the 21 boys were most miffed to find themselves in full cbts and weapons etc, whilst the TCW chaps (1km away) were having a 'Hawaiian' theme BBQ, complete with daft shirts and flip-flops. Put the cat amongst the pigeons! Mind you, the beer they had was nice and cold...
I started off with TCW back in the late eighties /early ninety's good bunch of blokes, technically probably better than the sigs, certainly at Data Comms, although their trade training is soley focused on trade skills, no green stuff or soldiering, their skills on clansman used to be a bit dodgey as well, as they learnt HF on the job at TCW not like us at 8 sigs or AAC

As for the para trained lads, well the wings are just for larging it with the chicks, none of them has done P coy to my knowledge nor is there any chance many of them could tab out of the block with the usual para load let alone a DZ, but like I said before if you compare them on trade skills I would say they are better than us...
George, Your not using the Sigs board for an attempt on the "Top Ten" are you?

The board has never seen so many red topics. I know this has nothing to do with TCW, but i just picked one of the 11 topics George has replied to.


TCW are - or certainly used to be - a country mile from 30 Sigs, can't comment on how they shape up along side 264.
If they do not shape up against 30 how are they going to shape up against 26 Blah!!

264 cover Strategic and Tatical comms from front to back covering HF to SHF. 216, 30, TCW just do bits.
worked with TCW in'02, good bunch of lads. They play around mostly with Satcoms nowadays, live in hotels. They know their own kit pretty well. Nowhere near anything as special as 26blah, maybe as good as 30
Jim3471 said:
...They know their own kit pretty well...
Yep...that's pretty amazing.

There's a significant difference between TCW and the Army. They have a nice little niche on civvy courses. No wonder we can't afford to keep 4 infantry regts in bullets!

Rock on.


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