Tactical Bolt Rifle Challenge

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by moving-target-survivor, Jan 12, 2013.

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  1. No doubt I'm speaking to the converted, but is anyone aware of competitions like this being run in the UK?

    I've heard of private shoots on the UKV forum - but seen nothing 'established' at club level? (The Swedes & Norwegian seem to have something similar too)

    It makes McMillan and FClass seem positively dull - and surely this could be a viable way of rejuvenating dreary club range days!

    TBRC 2012 - YouTube

    TPRC 2012 - Short range #5a - YouTube
  2. Nearest we get to this is probably paintball, not that I am suggesting we combine the two activities.

    It is hard to see anything improving anytime soon, not so much due to a clubs unwillingness, but more because of the fear of provoking the ire of the presss/public opinion/law etc. by having some fun with a gun.
  3. So fat feckers' playing sniper games eh?

    What happened to people in pursuit of excellence? Trying to get that perfect score not enough any more so that people need to imagine they are in combat zone to get their kicks. Wonder if they would still think it fun if there was an opposing team shooting back?
  4. Persuit of excellence invariably means buying insanely expensive scopes to get sub MOA shots

    This seems to advocate different firing positions and reliance on good personal skills

    BB is probably correct that over weight men are playing sniper but what's really the problem? People play sniper in computer games, paintball and airsoft etc

    I can't remember the last time I ever saw any of our members kneel or stand to take a shot from 500 or 600?

    Its basically a civilian march and shoot event. Fiona is spot-on: people are scared to be seen having fun these days
  5. Don't take me too seriously. Just have an issue with non-military people playing warry games whether with real pointy things that go bang or fake ones or a computer. Even when I was into pistol shooting I thought the lot playing IPSC looked like a bunch of *******.

    Besides, much prefer the challenge of Target Rifle and Match Rifle with aperture ring sights. Now there's a challenge.
  6. Tweed and a pipe Sir? :p

    50% of my club would have had a coronary by the second stand anyway....
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  7. Tweed and a pipe Sir? :p

    Outrageous. Wouldn't be caught dead with either. I shall send my man around to meet with yours to arrange a suitable time and place;).
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  8. When the balloon goes up those 'non military' people are your home front. If they can train to shoot well from a variety of positions accurately they'll be ready for combat. Basically they've got your back and you on the front line can at least rest easy that your loved ones at home are safe.

    Seriously though - no open sights at all??
  9. Er... I just fancied a laugh with my mates to be perfectly honest

    Sorry my bad, I meant to say 'Post Apocalypse Sniper Squad' :p
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  10. If they can train to shoot well from a variety of positions accurately they'll be ready for combat.

    It'll take a damn site more than that to get them ready for combat.
  11. 'practical bolt action' has been around for yonks, theres a few clubs here in the UK who do similar stuff, but a tad more low key. shoot-offs with 10 falling plates each @ 200 meters type thing,
    if your into IPSC style stuff .22lr practical 'mini-rifle' is taking off, hopefully in a few years there will be some decent inter-club comps and maybe more organised on a national level.
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  12. I shall look into it, cheers