Tactical beardiness

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tartan_Terrier, Dec 13, 2009.

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  1. Carlsberg

    Probably the best beards in the world.

    No not quite, but an interesting little video showing some of the Danish contingent in Afghanistan's beards.


    If you've got a pop-up blocker you'll have to click on the text on the black screen to make it work.

    There's a couple of articles on the front page which play in a loop. If it's not the beard video, type 'soldaterskæg' in the search box.

    Please feel free to post any western military beard related photos, especially if you can find anything to beat the video.

  2. It's all in Welsh.All I see is some guy taking a dog for a walk.
  3. Yes, but if you type 'soldaterskæg' into the search box (you may want to cut and paste) you'll see the beardy film.
  4. You have a thing about men with beards? I don't.
  5. But which beards? ;)
  6. Doesn't work for me, I see the link but nothing happens when I click it.
  7. Strange. Can you see anywhere where it shows which pop-ups it has blocked?
  8. No I don't actually, but there is one in the video that's somewhat unusual.
  9. Ah, I see now. Apparently I had to install some microsoft software. I liked Frederik's beard the best, but Jesper and Henrik look like your typical Vikings.
  10. Pah, those are nothing compared to some of the women I've worked with/dated/stalked.
  11. Nce beards, the first guy I see has no beard and his head shaven, the dog has alot of hair though :lol: :)

    Edit: Oh wait sh1t, it's yetti!!!!!

    with all the slowness and buffering can't go on :x
  12. Thats not a beard, I can grow more hair on my mud shute
  13. Well that's two minutes of wandering around a Danish site that I will never get back.
  14. Just like my beard..... fusk nose what they were saying... but put them into Viking claethes... and they would be like their Forefathers.... (I wonder if their wimin are hairy.... armpits that is...) I did live in Oslo for a few years.... but never managed to examine any ladies armpits..... too pished most of the time.... :wink: :roll:
  15. I've not met any yet with hairy armpits, but I suspect that at least 45% of the females arrested in Copenhagen yesterday do have them.